“She has lost her dignity” Madonna shares erotic photos – and polarizes.


“She has lost her dignity”
Madonna shares erotic photos – and polarizes.

Madonna has always known how to provoke – even today the Queen of Pop can easily cause one or the other outcry. She proves this with her latest series of pictures online.

It is celebrated by some and frowned upon by others. It’s been like that at Madonna since the beginning of her career. She provokes and polarizes with her music as well as with her often revealing demeanor. The latter is also the case now.

The 63-year-old shared a number of erotic photos on Instagram, ten of them. For the shoot, she sometimes posed on the bed, sometimes in front of it and sometimes under it. Several snapshots show Madonna’s nipples, others her bottom. “An angel is watching over me,” writes Madonna. The musician also published the recordings in her story. In addition, she shared the poem entitled “Evidence” by the American writer Mary Oliver from 2009.

“Beauty without purpose is beauty without virtue. But all beautiful things naturally have this function – to stimulate the viewer to lofty thoughts. Glory to the world, the good teacher,” it says. However, the thoughts of Madonna’s nearly 17 million followers were not consistently sublime.

“Why?” Someone asks simply using the comment function. Another user added, “Why? You’re better than this.” One user is certain: “She must have lost her dignity under the bed.” One person also says, “Instead of taking these ridiculous pictures, try making quality music like you once did.” Also read: “You need a new project as soon as possible”, “Oh my God, this is so embarrassing” or “Help”.

In addition, someone comments: “I am ashamed. I never thought that I would say that, but I am ashamed of what my idol will become.” Then there is another user who says, “Having self-respect at this age will suit you better.” Here, however, numerous fans contradict the fact that age would not play a role here.

And anyway, of course, enthusiastic comments are inevitable. “I love you Madonna”, someone writes. Many simply send flames or hearts. With a winking emoji and a kissing smiley face, a person commented on Madonna’s words about the series: “The poor angel has to put in extra layers for you.”

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