Newsblog Covid-19 No more daily tests for vaccinated medical staff.


Newsblog Covid-19 No more daily tests for vaccinated medical staff.

Medical personnel currently have to be tested daily – whether vaccinated or not. This met with criticism from many doctors. Now the health ministers have adjusted the regulation. All information in the news blog.

The situation has never been so dramatic: Germany is being overwhelmed by the fourth wave of the Corona crisis, and the number of new infections reported and the number of deaths are rising nationwide. Politicians are now paying particular attention to hospitalization values. You will find an overview of the situation in your federal state here. The vaccination rate (fully vaccinated) against the coronavirus is around 68 percent.

After severe criticism, the obligation to test for vaccinated or recovered personnel in medical facilities, as required by the new Infection Protection Act, is being relaxed. The health ministers of the federal states agreed on Thursday to suspend daily testing even of fully immunized employees, as this would lead to “unreasonable stresses”. Two tests per week are sufficient, explained the heads of department of the federal states. Medical representatives supported the move. Patient advocates, however, expressed concern.

“Daily tests, especially for those who have been vaccinated and recovered, are extremely stressful for the staff and are completely unreasonable,” said the chairman of the conference of health ministers, Bavaria’s head of department, Klaus Holetschek (CSU). Two self-tests a week “using a rapid antigen test provided by the employer” are sufficient. The federal legislature must immediately adapt the corresponding regulation in Paragraph 28b, Paragraph 2 of the Infection Protection Act. “Daily tests for immunized persons also strain the test capacities,” emphasized Holetschek. “In many countries with high numbers of infections, the laboratory capacities are already exhausted.” The state ministers also agreed to suspend the obligation to document and report on the tests as stipulated in the law.

According to the new Infection Protection Act, staff in hospitals, medical practices and nursing homes must do a corona test before starting work – regardless of their vaccination status. The test results must therefore be documented every day and regularly sent to the responsible health authorities. Vaccinated and convalescent patients can only be tested every 48 hours if a PCR test is used.

The Czech Republic is again declaring a national emergency due to the increasing number of corona infections. This was announced by the acting Prime Minister Andrej Babis after a report by the CTK agency in Prague on Thursday. The state of emergency enables the government to suspend fundamental rights such as freedom of assembly. In addition, medical students can be obliged to serve in hospitals. Following a cabinet decision, the measure will initially apply for 30 days from Friday.

The eastern parts of the country are particularly badly affected. On Thursday, 19 corona patients were transferred to Prague by helicopter and ambulance from overloaded hospitals in Brno. The seven-day incidence rose to 1,097 per 100,000 people nationwide. Only just under 6.3 million of the 10.7 million inhabitants of the Czech Republic are fully vaccinated. In many areas, such as in hotels and restaurants, the 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) now applies.

The opposition, which won a majority in the October election and is to provide the future government, complained in advance that it was not involved in the decisions. “Nobody has consulted a declaration of emergency with us,” criticized the conservative health expert Tom Philipp. The last state of emergency was from the beginning of October 2020 to mid-April 2021.

Corona vaccination in Israel: the country fears a fifth wave.  (Source: imago images / Xinhua)Corona vaccination in Israel: the country fears a fifth wave. (Source: Xinhua / imago images)

According to the national Corona Commissioner Salmans Sarka, Israel is at the beginning of a new wave of infections. From the point of view of the experts, the recent increase in the number of new infections comes “too early and too quickly,” reported the radio. In September, Israel was at the height of the pandemic to date, with more than 11,000 new cases a day. With the help of booster vaccinations, it was possible to reduce the number of infections to an average of 400 per day. The fourth corona wave was considered overcome.

Most recently, however, the Ministry of Health recorded a slight increase in the number of cases and the R-value, which reflects the infection rate. Experts explain this, according to the report, among other things with the falling immunity of more than a million Israelis who received their second vaccination dose more than six months ago.

At the end of July, Israel was the first country in the world to start a booster campaign with the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer. Five months after the second vaccination, Israelis can get a booster vaccination. Vaccination for children aged five to eleven also began this week. Of 9.4 million Israeli citizens, around 43 percent are now triple vaccinated. Almost two thirds received at least two syringes.

The Chancellor is concerned about the further increasing corona numbers. From their point of view, further restrictions are necessary. Therefore, she also sought a conversation with the traffic light parties. Read more here.

Angela Merkel: The outgoing Chancellor wants tougher Corona measures.  (Archive photo) (Source: dpa / Michael Kappeler)Angela Merkel: The outgoing Chancellor wants tougher Corona measures. (Archive photo) (Source: Michael Kappeler / dpa)

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