News blog Covid-19 case numbers rise – Israel fears fifth corona wave.


News blog Covid-19 case numbers rise – Israel fears fifth corona wave.

Almost half of Israel’s residents have already received a booster vaccination. Nevertheless, the number of infections is rising faster again. Is a fifth wave looming? All information in the news blog.

The situation has never been so dramatic: Germany is being overwhelmed by the fourth wave of the Corona crisis, and the number of new infections reported and the number of deaths are rising nationwide. Politicians are now paying particular attention to hospitalization values. You will find an overview of the situation in your federal state here. The vaccination rate (fully vaccinated) against the coronavirus is around 68 percent.

According to the national Corona Commissioner Salmans Sarka, Israel is at the beginning of a new wave of infections. From the point of view of the experts, the recent increase in the number of new infections comes “too early and too quickly,” reported the radio. In September, Israel was at the height of the pandemic to date, with more than 11,000 new cases a day. With the help of booster vaccinations, it was possible to reduce the number of infections to an average of 400 per day. The fourth corona wave was considered overcome.

Most recently, however, the Ministry of Health recorded a slight increase in the number of cases and the R-value, which reflects the infection rate. Experts explain this, according to the report, among other things with the falling immunity of more than a million Israelis who received their second vaccination dose more than six months ago.

At the end of July, Israel was the first country in the world to start a booster campaign with the vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer. Five months after the second vaccination, Israelis can get a booster vaccination. Vaccination for children aged five to eleven also began this week. Of 9.4 million Israeli citizens, around 43 percent are now triple vaccinated. Almost two thirds received at least two syringes.

As soon as many vaccination centers have been closed, people are now lining up again en masse for their Corona Piks. Keyword: boosters. But the renewed chord vaccination is already leaving its mark. Read more here.

The vaccination rate in Germany is increasing significantly: According to the Robert Koch Institute, 795,386 people were vaccinated on Wednesday. These included 101,338 first vaccinations, 67,513 second vaccinations and 626,535 booster vaccinations. For the first time since September 16, more than 100,000 unvaccinated people had a syringe. 68.2 percent of the total population are now fully vaccinated. In Bremen it is 79.8 percent, while in Saxony it is only 57.9 percent.

In the European Union, children between the ages of five and eleven will soon be able to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. The vaccine from Biontech has been approved for this. Read more here.

The intensive care physicians have spoken out in favor of compulsory vaccination for adults. “It is important to protect our patients, save human lives and also to save our health system from collapse,” said Gernot Marx, President of the German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (Divi), on Thursday after a unanimous decision by the Presidium.

There is no alternative to compulsory vaccination for all adults in order to leave the pandemic behind in the long term. The hope that the population would be more willing to vaccinate had not been fulfilled. The employees in the clinics and especially in the intensive care units and in emergency medicine, however, need a perspective. “We cannot risk another wave of numerous severe Covid-19 courses every winter season,” warned Marx.

Divi rejects compulsory vaccination only for certain occupational groups, such as nursing staff. This is neither sufficient nor morally justifiable. What is needed is “solidarity from society as a whole in order to be able to maintain the health system”. It is not just about caring for patients with a corona infection, but also about a large number of patients with other serious illnesses and injuries who also require intensive medical treatment.

When entering the EU, the vaccination certificate should not be older than nine months in future. At least that is what the Commission recommends. But that does not go far enough for the first states. Read more here.

Can you celebrate the street carnival despite the corona pandemic? The ideas differ about this. According to a report, the climax of the Cologne Carnival should actually take place – a first plan is already in place. Read more here.

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