Man who smuggled copies of Squid Game into North Korea to be killed by firing squad.


Man who smuggled copies of Squid Game into North Korea to be killed by firing squad.

The man was sentenced to death for bringing the South Korean show to the Hermit Kingdom

The man who smuggled and sold copies of the Netflix hit series “Squid Game” in North Korea has been sentenced to death. According to one report, he is said to be killed by the firing squad.

A source told Radio Free Asia that the man smuggled copies of Squid Game on USB drives. He illegally smuggled the copies from China to North Korea, where seven high school students were caught watching the show. The students who bought the copies were also sentenced to life imprisonment.


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North Korea’s strict laws and regulations are reflected in the penalties received by all students who purchased the copies. One student who bought a copy of the flash drive was sentenced to life imprisonment, while six others were sentenced to five years of forced labor. The source also revealed that the school’s teachers and administrators have been fired and faced with forced labor in remote mines.

Radio Free Asia also reported that the country’s authorities were doing their best to keep the series out of the country as foreign media is banned in North Korea. However, despite their best efforts, the popular series found its way into the Hermit Kingdom. Some sources have also revealed that the citizens of North Korea would resonate with the 456 indebted Squid Game members who play a range of children’s games that would lead to life or death. The graphically violent show is understandable for the residents of North Korea, sources said RFA.

A Pyongsong resident said, “Squid Game has been able to enter the country and then inland on storage media such as USB sticks and SD cards that are smuggled in by ship. They say the content is similar.” on the lives of Pyongyang officials fighting in the foreign exchange market as if it were a life and death struggle. “

In North Korea too, citizens who earn too much money can be executed at any time. This may sound strange to people living in other countries. However, for North Korean citizens, this is a harsh truth. The source also said, “It resonates not only with the rich, but also with Pyongyang’s youth because they are drawn to the unusually violent scenes. They secretly watch the show on their portable media players under their covers at night.”

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