“I love you so much” Patricia Kelly finally reunited with sister Caroline.


“I love you so much”
Patricia Kelly finally reunited with sister Caroline.

Most of the Kelly siblings have already been seen one time or another, be it on the internet or on TV. Patricia Kellys, however, now shares a photo with a rather unknown family member.

Patricia, Kathy, Paul, Joey, John and Jimmy Kelly – they make up the current line-up of the Kelly Family, which was founded in the 1970s. Angelo Kelly is now making music with his own Kelly Family and Maite and Michael Patrick Kelly are each successful solo. Caroline Kelly, with whom Patricia has now published a selfie from a trip to Rome, takes a completely different path. The two sisters have posed in front of the Spanish Steps.

Patricia Kelly writes about this, who suffered from Covid-19 twice and was even in the hospital: “My beloved sister Caroline and beautiful Rome. I love you sooo much, little sister. I am overwhelmed with feelings.” These include numerous comments from fans who are happy about the photo of the two happy-looking women together. Clément Kelly, Paul Kelly’s son, also left a few lovely words: “Yes, Aunt Caroline! It’s great that you look so good.”

Caroline Kelly, now 62, was part of the band from the beginning of the band in 1974 to 1982. She has lived in the United States for many years, where she reportedly became a nurse.

The Kellys traveled to Rome for a documentary that they are currently shooting for RTLzwei. The rest of the siblings making music together were also part of the party, as Patricia Kelly showed in an Instagram post a few days ago.

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