I did not blame a female Doctor Who Tory MP for male crime.


I did not blame a female Doctor Who Tory MP for male crime.

During a debate on International Men’s Day, Nick Fletcher said there was a “small but very vocal minority” of people who wanted to replace “any male character or role model” with a woman.

A Tory MP has denied suggesting casting female actors in traditionally male roles such as Dr. Who helps drive young men into crime.

The Don Valley MP said this has left young men like the notorious Krays or Tommy Shelby from the crime drama Peaky Blinders as role models – warning masculinity is “vilified”.

“Is it any wonder we see so many young men committing crimes?” he said.

Mr. Fletcher later said his comments had been “misinterpreted” and that he was blaming Dr. Who doesn’t for male crime – he just pointed out the importance of good male role models.

He said, “My point was simple indeed and in no way related to Dr. Who being female to commit crimes committed by men.”

“For some reason there seems to be some squeamishness in pointing out that if a boy’s role models are all violent criminals (fictional or not) it negatively affects how they see masculinity and what it means to be a man be, ”he added.

During the debate, the MP had said: “Everywhere, not least in the cultural field, it seems to be demanding from a tiny but very vocal minority that every male figure or every good role model must have a female replacement.

“You just have to watch the discussion about who’s going to play the next James Bond – and that’s not just James Bond.

“In the past few years we’ve seen Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, Luke Skywalker, the Equalizer all being replaced with women, and men left with the Krays and Tommy Shelby.

“Is it any wonder we see so many young men committing crimes? These programs make crime look cool.

“Believe me, life in prison is not cool, and neither is it cool to live with the memory of a stabbed son or daughter.”

Mr Fletcher also said it was “a wonderful thing that girls’ football is on TV, it’s great that female tennis stars are finally getting paid as much as their male counterparts”.

“As a father of a daughter myself, I want to applaud everyone who corrected this injustice and hundreds of other injustices,” he said.

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