Corona policy of the Ampel Grünen -spitze does not rule out lockdown for everyone.


Corona policy of the Ampel Grünen -spitze does not rule out lockdown for everyone.

The signs point to lockdown: The dual leadership of the Greens considers the shutdown of large parts of public life to be possible soon. Under certain circumstances it will have to be tightened “as quickly as possible”.

According to “Spiegel”, the Greens co-leader and foreign minister-designate Annalena Baerbock does not consider a further lockdown or the introduction of the general compulsory vaccination to be ruled out. “I do not rule out that further steps are required, possibly more sweeping,” Baerbock told the news magazine when asked whether it would rule out another lockdown. “That is why it is so important to use the next few days to get an honest picture.”

The Greens also do not rule out a general compulsory vaccination, says Baerbock. “But acutely it does not help to slow down the fourth wave.”

The other Greens boss, Robert Habeck, was also open to a general vaccination requirement in an interview with “Spiegel” – but dampened hopes for a quick effect. “Even if vaccination were compulsory tomorrow, it would be too late to break the fourth wave.” The goal now must be to slow the spread of the virus. “We have to buy time to boost.”

2G and 2G-plus could help in wide areas, 3G rules and test obligations. If this does not succeed, “it will have to be tightened as quickly as possible,” said Habeck. Then it is no longer about differentiated contact restrictions, but about blanket measures.

Also in the talk show “Maybrit Illner”, Habeck, who is to become Minister of Economic Affairs, did not rule out a lockdown including the closure of the retail trade. Read here more on this.

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