Because of testimony to the Africa Cup reporter demands apology from Klopp.


Because of testimony to the Africa Cup reporter demands apology from Klopp.

Because the Liverpool coach had said an ironic sentence about the Africa Cup, a reporter has now asked him to apologize to the continent. This is how Klopp reacted.

A bizarre dialogue between Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp and an English reporter took place during the press conference after the Champions League game of the “Reds” against FC Porto (2-0) on Wednesday.

It wasn’t about the game that had just ended, but about a statement Klopp had recently made – and which he had apparently meant ironically.

The digitally connected reporter asked his question: “Hello Jürgen, at your last press conference you described the Africa Cup as a ‘small tournament’. I think that’s an insult to the players, an insult to the fans, an insult to the people on the continent. And I think you owe the continent an apology. “

The words left Klopp quite shocked: “I didn’t mean it that way. I don’t know why you get it that way, to be honest.”

The reporter added: “I listened to it and you said the continent in Africa is small. You said that.”

What the reporter was referring to was Klopp’s recent statement: “I’ve heard so many times that there’s no international break until March. There’s a ‘small’ tournament in Africa in January, I just want to say. And I think Asia also plays, South America too. ”

Klopp defended himself further: “I didn’t mean it that way, come on. I didn’t even begin to think of the Africa Cup as a small tournament or the continent of Africa as a small continent – not at all. If you look at the If you had watched the entire press conference, you might have got it right, if you had wanted to. “

Then the ex-BVB coach explains again how he meant his statement: “I said: ‘Oh, there is still a small tournament in January’. And I didn’t mean a small tournament, I just wanted to say that it always does it’s still another tournament, that’s ironic. It’s still a tournament, a big tournament. We’re losing our best players to this tournament. “

The reporter was still not satisfied with Klopp’s answer: “But you wouldn’t say that in Europe. You wouldn’t say ‘small tournament in Europe’”.

Again Klopp: “I’m not a native speaker, but if you want to get me wrong, you can always do that. I know that I would never think that way. I honestly don’t understand why you think that. That’s really not okay “Because I would never do that. It wasn’t my intention, but you made more of it. That’s not cool, to be 100 percent honest.”

The Africa Cup will be held from February 9th to 6th, 2022, in an important phase of the Premier League season with no winter break. With Mohamed Salah (Egypt), Sadio Mané (Senegal) and Naby Keita (Guinea), Liverpool are breaking away three important pillars during this time.

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