Aaliyah Love: How pornstar MID-SCENE puked after eating 4 french fries but finished filming with no cut.


Aaliyah Love: How pornstar MID-SCENE puked after eating 4 french fries but finished filming with no cut.

Aaliyah Love vomited badly on set with his co-star after eating 4 packets of McDonald’s fries

Aaliyah Love is a Los Angeles-based adult film actress who has worked with major production companies and recently opened an account with OnlyFans. She stated that she puked once on set after eating four huge servings of french fries before reenacting a scene.

The porn actress has earned honors for her work throughout her illustrious career, but recently she admitted that one of her films wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Aaliyah stunned host Holly Randall on her Unfiltered podcast when she revealed that she once quit a role despite vomiting on set.

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The porn star remembered a moment when one of the agents sent McDonald’s to the set for the women who were performing. When the majority of the models refused to eat the fast food, Aaliyah decided not to waste it and ate it all.

“I ate about four servings of McDonald’s fries, and then me and Tommy [Pistol] Go and shoot our scene and by then it will be 4am, ”she explained. Aaliyah then described how she and her on-screen partner were having sex on a couch when she was feeling uncomfortable. “I look up at him and he just moves his head to the side and I just turned around and said ‘bleurgh’ and I just puked all the fries behind the couch,” she described.

Fortunately, Aaliyah remembered the camera zooming in on her companion and missing the moment. “I turn my head and he immediately goes to kiss me … and we just kept going with the scene, there were no cuts. “Then everyone in the room said ‘What?’ It was a huge production so there were about six people in the room and no one noticed, “she added.

“The show has to go on. We were just so smooth we put an entire scene on … and it wasn’t a small gag, it was four servings of large french fries.” The sequence was made as part of a parody of the movie American Hustle ‘and Aaliyah said that the crew didn’t realize their misfortune, but that the film earned them an award as well.

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