2 great men related to possible Brooklyn Nets trades.


2 great men related to possible Brooklyn Nets trades.

The Brooklyn Nets don’t have many glaring weaknesses on paper, but so far this season there are definitely some areas the team needs to address.

It looks like the Nets will continue to give him more time, but Blake Griffin didn’t look good in the starting XI and it could put LaMarcus Aldridge in a starting role as Nic Claxton still finds his way back into the team.

The team’s hands are tied on money and it seems unlikely that a Kyrie-Irving trade will take place anytime soon.

Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley suggests the Nets attack either Juan Hernagomez or Mike Muscala, two players who could fill in in the middle and also let the ball fly from beyond the arc.

Hernagomez doesn’t get much playing time at the Celtics so the team may be ready to let him go cheaply.

In the short term, he’d probably get a decent number of minutes with the Nets, but it’s unclear how long that would take once Claxton returns. At 6’9 ″ he could get some playing time in the power forward if it counts. He’s a decent three year old Sagittarius so picking him up would make a big difference.

Alternatively, the Nets could be chasing Mike Muscala, who is currently a member of the Thunder rotation, but he definitely won’t be part of the team’s long-term plans.

Like Hernangomez, Muscala is a good three-shot shooter. He wasn’t a rookie except for a few periods in his career, but he could fill in for a while while the Nets wait for Claxton to come back. There are a few different options for the team, but there is also the option that they just stand around and wait.

The Nets have enough to fight for a championship right now, but there isn’t too much depth. Could the Nets be in the market for another shooter other than tall men?

Ben McLemore is someone who has jumped around a lot in his career, and he’s currently with the Blazers and getting next to no playing time.

Finding a real home has been difficult for him since leaving Sacramento, but he has proven that he can be a bank shooter veteran. He filled that niche with the Lakers last season, so why not do the same with the Nets?

Acquiring him would probably be fairly easy since he won’t be a player commanding draft picks or marquee pieces in exchange for him. During the season, the Nets still have plenty of time to decide if they need another piece. So make sure they stick with what they have for the near future.

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