Williams helps 9th Memphis last longer than Virginia Tech 69-61.


De Andre Williams scored 16 points and 10 rebounds, with 9th Memphis surpassing Virginia Tech 69-61 at the NIT Season Tip-Off on Wednesday night.

Emoni Bates added 9 points in the second half and made four free throws in the last minute of Memphis (5-0).

“I love my team,” said Penny Hardaway. “I love what we bring to the table. We can win all kinds of games-ugly games, good games, and still there for our defense.

“I’m proud.”

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Nahiem Alleyne scored 21 points and Keve Aluma added 14 to Virginia Tech (5-1).

The Tigers couldn’t get rid of the Hawkeys while Memphis was leading most of the game, and Alain left 3 pointers to give Virginia Tech a 56-55 edge, leaving 4:36. I made.

“We just kept fighting,” Alain said. “We have to keep fighting every time.”

After the time-out, Landers Norrie II filled 3 for Memphis, Bates made a free throw, and Jay Lenduren’s layup was 61-56 with 1:34 remaining. After that, Memphis cleared the game on the free throw line.

The Tigers proceeded to 7:24 without a field goal in the first half and were taken to the reserve, which scored 19 points in the first half. Memphis led 33-30 in half-time after Malcolm Dandridge had a two-handed jam with a buzzer.

“That’s this match between me and Malcolm,” said Alex Lomax, who gave Dunk Ridge a dunk with a spectacular pass. “We’ve been playing together for a while. From the jump we knew it was me and him who would play against each other. When we got the steal we knew he would run with me. Aggressive Be. And it worked. “

Big picture

Memphis: It was a night to forget Durene, the big man of the Tigers star freshman. Durene participated in the game with an average of 15 points, 10 rebounds and 4.5 blocks. He scored no points in the first half and finished with 6 points and 7 rebounds.

“He still knows where he is on the floor,” Hardaway said of Durene, who turned 18 on November 18. .. In this game, he did the right thing. He doesn’t understand and has no experience, so he’ll make few mistakes, but he’s experienced in every game. “

Virginia Tech: The Hawkeys were challenged for the first time this season, averaging 28 points in the first five games.

“Usually (we) have a much better rhythm. Usually we get some things around the rim-and there was a crack in it-” said Mike Young. “It was the first time we didn’t make ourselves aggressive. Again, Memphis had a lot to do with it.”


Memphis will face Iowa State University in the championship game on Friday, and Virginia Tech will face Xavier in 25th place in the comfort game.

Williams helps 9th Memphis last longer than Virginia Tech 69-61

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