Who Won Season 23 of ‘Big Brother’ in 2021?


Who won “Big Brother” season 23 on Thursday, September?

29th of 2021? All that’s left are Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, and Xavier Prather. Continue reading to find out what happened, but be aware that there are spoilers ahead. Xavier Prather

Xavier Prather

Xavier Prather

Xavier Prather

Xavier Pra He is the first Black winner of “Big Brother,” and he is the pinnacle of the Cookout alliance, which came together on the first day of the season and made it to the final six. After Dan Gheesling in season 10, he is only the second unanimous winner in history.

After Xavier won the final HOH and evicted Azah, the final two were Xavier and Derek. Tiffany Mitchell has been named America’s Favorite Player. She is the winner of $75,000 in the lottery. How Did We Get Here?

At the start of the finale, Xavier had won the first round of the final Head of Household competition, so the episode began with Azah and Big D competing in the second round of the final HOH. It was a brutal competition, with them basically doing mountain climbers on giant slot machine wheels, as Azah put it. It was a puzzle, though, because not everyone’s picture was on every wheel, so you had to figure out which face to put on which wheel. Azah won with a 13-minute time to Big D’s 20-minute time, so Azah and Xavier faced off in the final round for the final HOH.

After losing his chance to make it to the end, Big D freaked out and began acting like a complete jerk. He claimed that he “carried” Azah to the finish line (um, what?) and that he is “entitled” to a spot in the final two alongside her. Neither of those things are true, and then he actually told Azah these lies, which made her furious because they are complete nonsense. He also informed her that he had signed a final two deal with Xavier, despite the fact that his final two with Azah had been much longer than his final two with Xavier. He was so rude to her that she changed her mind and decided to take Xavier if she won the final HOH, which Xavier was obviously overjoyed about. During the jury segment, they basically confirmed what fans already knew: Xavier was the clear winner, unless Azah won the final HOH and evicted him. They didn’t give much thought to Derek F. winning the final HOH, which is amusing. Kyland also stepped in it by acting as if Derek F. had made any moves and then comparing Chaddha to Derek. Fortunately, the jury pointed out how wrong he was. Xavier and Azah’s final HOH competition consisted of watching jury members make three statements. They had to figure out which of the statements was incorrect. There were eight videos in total, with Xavier taking home the title of Head of Household in the end. He chose to accompany Derek to the final two rounds, ensuring him the overall victory. During the jury questioning phase, the jury made no attempt to hide their disdain for Derek’s game.

“Big Brother” will return with a third celebrity edition this winter, followed by season 24 in the summer of 2022.

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