Who Was Voted Off in Tonight’s Survivor 41 Elimination? 29th of September, 2021.


UPDATE: David Voce was kicked out of the Yase tribe. Continue reading for the rest of the recap.

After the two-hour premiere on Sept., it’s time to find out who will be voted off the island third on “Survivor 41.” Eric Abraham of the Yase tribe (yellow) and Sara Wilson of the Ua tribe (green) were sent home on August 22.

The month of September “Immunity challenges get interesting when a new idol is introduced that has a special twist,” says the description of episode 29, “Juggling Chainsaws.” “We can’t wait to see what that unique new twist is. So far, the castaways have had to make a lot of difficult decisions this season, and we don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Follow along with our live elimination recap below, but be aware that there are spoilers.

All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

8:05 — Episode two is here! Brad is worried about JD’s erratic behavior at Ua tribe, so when JD goes off with Ricard to get water, Brad sprints through the jungle to spy on them. Brad overhears them discussing him, as well as the fact that JD is more at ease within the tribe now. Brad has some information for Shan back at camp, but his behavior is raising red flags for her. So Shan immediately informs Ricard of what Brad has done, and Brad now has a large target on his back.

8:10 — At Luvu, Naseer is ready to show off his fire-making skills, and we get some footage of his tiny Sri Lankan village, which is pretty cool. This year’s addition, that we’re getting footage from the castaways’ home, is fantastic. Naseer’s abilities also make him “absolutely essential” to his tribe, according to Sydney.

8:15 — Yase is having a hard time because they don’t have any food, not even rice. Xander and Liana split up to look for Voce and Evvie, but Xander is actually looking for an idol, which he finds. It’s the Beware advantage, which Jeff Probst revealed in the first episode. On the outside, it says, “If you take it, it’s yours and you must do what it says; otherwise, leave it.” Xander chooses to accept it. He now has one-third of an immunity idol in his possession. It must also be found the other two idols in order for it to have power. Here’s how you’ll find out. You must say a secret phrase in front of the other players during the next Immunity Challenge. Other players will retaliate. The idol has power once all of them have been said at a challenge. But until then, you won’t be able to vote at Tribal. Voce and Evvie are shown the instructions by Xander. Wacky phrases are used.

8:20 — Evvie notices that Xander has a lot of power (thanks to the idol and his extra vote), but he can’t vote right now, so she decides it’s time to work with the women. Evvie, yes!

8:30 — It’s time for the Immunity Challenge. They must first dive into the water to recover keys, then race across obstacles, unlock puzzle pieces, and solve a puzzle. There are also two immunity idols, and both teams receive fishing equipment. Luvu is first in the puzzle, followed by Ua, and then Yase. Shan and Tiffany have a lot of trouble on the balance beam. Luvu wins for the second time, and Yase makes a comeback, but they can’t compensate for Tiffany’s slowness on the balance beam, and they lose. Luvu, as the winners, gets to choose one person from Yase to accompany them on a journey, and then they can choose either someone from ua or someone from their own tribe to accompany them. They choose Evvie, and Deshawn volunteers to accompany her from Luvu.

8:40 — Tiffany is apologetic for losing, but she believes she is in good shape thanks to Liana and Evvie. Yes, possibly. She’s getting a rewrite, and she’s worried they’ll catch her off guard. But, if I were a woman, I’d go after Xander as well, since he can’t vote.

8:45 — During Evvie and Deshawn’s journey, they form an instant bond. She appears to be utterly charming. She pitches to Deshawn that they work together down the line as they hike to the summit, and then she says she can’t risk her vote tonight, so if he does, he’ll get an extra vote. That is, assuming the decision is the same as the last time. Evvie also informs Deshawn that Xander will most likely be booted, as well as the idol powers. Evvie is just spilling tea all over the place. It’s the same choice as last time when it comes to the option. Deshawn gets an extra vote because Evvie protects her vote and Deshawn risks his.

8:50 — Back at camp, Evvie informs them of her decision and is forthright about her desire to protect her vote. However, the women separate and discuss how to get rid of Xander, which they agree on. This appears to be far too simple… oh, there it is… Tiffany tries to persuade Liana and Evvie to vote off Voce in order to protect herself (Tiffany), because if Xander activates his idol, she will be forced to return home. TIFFANY, OH MY GOD… Make use of your intellect! Because no one else said anything, he didn’t activate the idol! Suddenly, the two other women are considering voting Tiffany out due to her mental instability. Yeah, I guess. Tiffany says she can’t compete at a high level on zero sleep and no food.

8:55 — Tiffany says she can’t compete at a high level on zero sleep and no food at Tribal. Yes, but we’re all in the same boat. There are no justifications. Also, VOca can’t seem to stop talking about surgery. They vote after some nonsense about juggling chainsaws and trying to decide between “loyalty” and “challenges,” which doesn’t make much sense. Tiffany, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce, Voce So she persuaded them to change their minds. “Survivor” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. for

. CBS broadcasts at 8:00 a.m. Eastern and 6:00 a.m. Pacific. In the spring of 2022, the 42nd season will premiere. Seasons 43 and 44 are currently casting, so if you’ve always wanted to be considered, now is your chance!

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