Where to find the most beautiful redwoods in LA.


Some of Southern California’s most beautiful coastal sequoia trees surround a hidden chapel on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. However, please know this first. Coastal sequoia trees do not grow naturally in Los Angeles. It breeds in the cold, foggy coastal areas from the Oregon border to the Santa Lucia Range in southern Monterey County. Sequoia assembly Those that grow outside the natural range are intentionally planted.

It happened in 1951 when architect Lloyd Wright, the son of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright, was tapped by the Bolivian Church of Sweden to build a chapel on a hill overlooking the sea. Inside, he used redwood pillars to climb overhead to form tree-like branches to assemble the building. Outside, the coastal Sequoia (not as big as the northern Sequoia) surrounds the building with lush limbs. Stone pine provides a second row of trees. The walls are made of glass, connecting nature and faith in the spiritual space of indoors and outdoors.

The Wayfarers Chapel remains today. Anyone can drop in at Rancho Palos Verdes’ 5755 Palos Verdes Drive South site (visitors may be off limits during weddings and other ceremonies) ..

Where else can I find redwood outside the bounds of nature? Many places around SoCal. Some examples: Blair’s Carbon Canyon Regional Park has a Sequoia stand. Get a close-up view with a simple loop trail. (Check out the hiking details here). There are also redwoods in the Cedar Grove and Ferndel areas of Griffith Park.

4 things to do this week

Monrovia Canyon Park Waterfall.

(Allen J. Chaven / Los Angeles Times)

1. Hike to the waterfalls of Monrovia Canyon Park. These waterfalls were off limits for about a year after the 2020 Bobcat fire struck the Angeles National Forest. The trail at Monrovia Canyon Park, about 26 miles from downtown Los Angeles, resumed on August 30 after volunteers cleared debris and knocked down trees. However, you need to book a spot before you go. Choose a long hike or a short hike. It is 3/4 miles one way from the Nature Center, 1 mile one way from the Middle Parking Lot and 1.5 miles one way from the Ranger Station. More information about the park and bookings can be found here. Not everything is done due to the drought, but check out the other waterfalls on these hikes.

Photograph of an altar decorated with paper flowers and flags

LA Zoo’s beloved pet off render.

(LA Zoo)

2. Post a photo of your pet on the Day of the Dead altar at the LA Zoo. Off-renders, Or the altar is a place to honor the memory of someone you love. This is part of the Latin tradition of Diadelos Muertos (Day of the Dead), which takes place on November 1st and 2nd. The LA Zoo has created the first space for people to remember their pets. Bring photos (or print them on-site on Saturdays and Sundays), decorate frames, and paint animals on altars featuring orange paper flower arches.Visitors can post their memories on the beloved pet off-render on the zoo’s treetop terrace until November 2nd (zoo admission included, $ 22 for 13-61 years old, $ 22 for 2-12 years old) $ 17, we recommend a pre-purchased timed ticket). Click here for details.

Photo illustration of swan neck and head

Tundra swan spends winter in California.

(Micah Fluellen / Los Angeles Times; Getty Images)

3.3.Find tundra swans in their favorite Northern California winter home. The tundra swan lives in the Arctic Circle, but likes to spend the winter in California. Birds weighing about 20 pounds and wingspan 5½ feet are clustered near Marysville in Yuba County, and geese, ducks, stag beetles, and birds of prey can also be found. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife will host a two-hour free swan tour at 9:30 am and 1:00 pm on November 6, 13, 20, and 27. December 4, 11 and 18. And January 1st and 8th. Please register in advance by sending an email to [email protected] wildlife.ca.gov.

Two women taking a selfie on a bicycle

Ride the Napa Valley Winery at Campo Velo.


4. Participate in a women’s cycling weekend in Napa Valley. Here’s a weird combination: a chef and a cycling pro. The two will meet at Campo Velo, a women’s event from October 22nd to 24th. This is the Wine Country Cycling Weekend, where you can enjoy plenty of food, drink and horseback riding. You can choose a simple 20-mile flat cupcake route led by chef Karalindo, or choose a 30-mile and 57-mile spin along a country road. Cycling professionals, including Lauren Hall, will participate. Admission is $ 245 a day and $ 795 three days. Click here for details.

Red flag

The graphic shows a high-pressure dome in Los Angeles and an arrow indicating that heat is being pushed out of it.

How heat waves are formed in Southern California.

(Paul Duginsky / Los Angeles Times)

Do LA’s hottest days look different than in the last few years? There is a reason for that. “Climate change is changing the character of the hottest months in the west, making them more frequent, more persistent, more humid and more deadly,” the Times story reports. “Experts say this change in heat waves should encourage changes in emergency notifications and public health responses to prevent an increase in deaths. But that’s not happening.” People are potentially deadly What do you need to awaken to a threat? Read the full text here.


Cover of the Valley of the Giants book

Lauren DeLaunay Miller was obsessed with climbing in Yosemite. Then she began looking for a woman of the past who was fascinated by the large granite walls. She found that they were largely excluded from the history of mountaineering in the park. Currently, Miller has compiled a story and essay anthology called “Valley of the Giants: A Story from a Woman in the Center of Yosemite Climbing” (scheduled to be released by Mountaineers Books in April).

“I’m not a trade historian, but I don’t need a genius to see Roe v. Wade, Title IX, and the first all-women in 1972 and 1973. The rise of El Capitan,” she said. I told Climbing magazine. “These are not coincidences. Of course, this book is about climbing, but it made me realize that it’s not just about climbing.”

Must read

Illustration of two birds singing each other

Noise can have a greater impact on flora and fauna than we think.

(Illustration: Lisa Ogawa / For The Times)

Do you remember when we got stuck in the early days of the pandemic? There was much less noise. “I got a glimpse of what happens by reducing human noise,” neuroscientist Nina Kraus wrote in an Opinion Piece at the LA Times. “In the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the human world was temporarily quiet, but the natural world seems to have turned the volume knob to inaudible levels in decades. Windows in the spring of 2020. Many of us who opened or went out suddenly heard birds chirping everywhere, because Klaus “often does not recognize the power of sound,” especially when it comes to animal and plant reactions. , I think you need to be careful about this. Read the rest here.


Artificial snowmaking equipment in operation

Snow (and snowmaking) has arrived at the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area this week.

(Peter Morning / Mammoth Mountain Ski Area)

Snow has arrived in East Sierra. The Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in Mammoth Lakes, California, was hit by the first white blast this week. It is 1 foot at the base level and 14 inches at the peak of 11,053 feet. The resort is not scheduled to open until November 13, but snowmaking has begun.

California resort opening days (if weather permits) include November 19th at the Snow Summit and November 26th at the Big Bear Mountain Resort at Big Bear Lake. Mountain High near Lightwood since November 1st. November 24th at Snow Valley Mountain Resort in Running Springs. Tahoe Area Resort: Heavenly Ski Resort on November 19th, Parise’s Tahoe (formerly Sco Valley) on November 24th, Kirkwood Mountain Resort on December 3rd.

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Where to find the most beautiful redwoods in LA

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