What you need for shopping at the store on Friday.


If you’re focused on getting the best Black Friday deals online, take a Thanksgiving break.

It’s time to start thinking about Plan B – get up early on Friday and hit the store.

With a few exceptions, retailers continue to close stores for Thanksgiving, many opening at 5am on Fridays. (Click here for a complete list of Black Friday business hours.)

Last year was considered the quietest Black Friday in decades, but more shoppers are expected to appear in the store on Friday.

According to the National Retail Federation’s annual survey, 64% will shop in stores on Friday, compared to 51% last year.

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Online shopping is also growing, with stores facilitating curbside and in-store pickup. Consumers spent $ 72.2 billion online from November 1st to Tuesday, according to Adobe Analytics. This is an almost 20% growth from 2020, indicating that many consumers started shopping early.

Sales will continue after Black Friday, including Cyber ​​Monday, but shoppers shouldn’t be late, Christine McGrath, shopping expert and editor of trading website RetailMeNot, told USA Today.

“If a product is on sale during Black Friday and is reasonably priced, buy it. Cyber ​​Monday is the second chance to get a sold-out product during Black Friday. Think about it, “says McGrath. “Retailers generally repeat transactions, so waiting until Cyber ​​Monday puts you in a limit.”

Still, especially for in-store shopping, you need to work on Black Friday with planning and a simple toolkit.

Black Friday 2021 toolkit

If you’re shopping at the store anytime during this week’s Black Friday or the holiday season, here are some things to bring. Products vary depending on where you are shopping.

smartphone: Mobile devices are the key to saving from coupons to reward programs. You can also take advantage of contactless payment options, scan prices, and find out where the product you’re looking for is in the store.

Phone charger: Shopping in stores while ordering online, sending photos found on Black Friday, and monitoring social media can drain your smartphone. Bring a portable charger or power bank to prepare.

Store ads: option. If you have physical holiday ads, bring them and fold the page of what you need.

Light meals and drinks: Keep hydrating for every walk you do. Having a protein bar will help you keep going.

receipt: Keep all receipts. Returns will be easier and you will need a receipt for the rebate. (Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to mail your rebate and then use your rebate card or cash your check before it expires.)

Patience: Find alternative gift ideas in advance in case of disappointment.

Black Friday in COVID

This was Pandemic’s second Black Friday, and there were many changes with the vaccines currently available. Depending on where you shop, there are several things you need to do to be safe.

mask: The second year is a face cover. Some stores won’t let you enter the door without it.

Vaccine card: Some cities or states require COVID-19 vaccine certification before entering the business. If you want to use digital copy, here’s how to add it to your smartphone.

Hand disinfectant: The store offers COVID essentials, but it’s okay to have one yourself.

Social distance: Of course, it’s not something to bring, but keep in mind that we’re still in a pandemic. Remember to stay as far away as possible from fellow shoppers and clerk, especially while waiting in line or when checking out. When shopping with family and friends, consider splitting to limit the number of people around other shoppers.

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What you need for shopping at the store on Friday

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