Wednesday Children: Taurus and Elijah Brothers.


Taurus and the Elijah brothers want their mom and dad to adopt and spend time together.

Dallas — Kids this Wednesday are twice as cute.

Vehicles, food, and happiness. Taurus and Elijah found it all at a state fair in Texas.

“I want to do anything because it’s fun,” said 6-year-old Taurus.

He and his younger brother Elijah made some new memories.

“Big Tex! I like it,” Taurus said as he passed the world’s largest cowboy.

It looks like twins, but Elijah and Taurus are a year apart.

“If people want to be my friends, I want to be their friends,” Taurus said.

His best friend is Elijah, 5 years old.

“I like my brother,” said the little Elijah with a big smile.

These two brothers do everything together.

“I like my brother. He is important to me because he loves me, and I love him,” Taurus said.

“They now live together, so we want to keep them together,” said Ebony Kimbro. She is a CPS caseworker for Taurus and Elijah.

She wants to give them their best shots in an eternal family.

“The perfect ideal family for Elijah and Taurus is mom and dad. They said they wanted a brother. They wanted mom and dad to spend time together and go to places together. They want a very active father. ” Kimbro.

“I want to help people, I just want to help,” Taurus said.

One day he wants to be a firefighter. Taurus wants a way to protect others, he says, Jesus protects him.

“I love him,” he said of Jesus.

Taurus and Elijah regularly go to church and say they love foster parents. But above all, they love each other very much.

The prayer is that their next trip to the Texas State Fair is with their parents helping them create some of the best memories of their lives.

For more information on how to adopt Taurus and Elijah, please submit all approved home surveys to LaQueena Warren ([email protected]). Don’t forget to include your name in the subject line.

If you are not licensed, please visit for more information on adoption and / or how to license adoption, or contact LaQueena Warren (817-304-1272). Please give me.

Wednesday Children: Taurus and Elijah Brothers

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