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The wait for new Adele music is finally over.

Almost six years after the release of her last studio album, “25,” a British singer-songwriter dropped a new song, “Easyon Me,” along with an accompanying music video. In this song, her first single on her next album, “30,” Adele crouches about the feeling of being stuck in the context of the passage of time and the gentle piano melody. The music video, which begins in black and white, begins in the same place that Adele used in the video for the 2015 hit single “Hello.” In “Easyon Me,” Adele calls on a windy day and then rides a truck on a country road. When she plays a cassette tape, a sheet of music pops out of the back seat. Ultimately, the color permeates her world.

“Baby, please ease me,” she sings. “I was still a kid / I didn’t have the opportunity to feel the world around me / I didn’t have time to choose what I chose / So please feel free to me.”

“Easyon Me” is the day after Adele announced “30” on social media, which will be “finally” released on November 19th. In the announcement, Adele said he started making the album almost three years ago.

“I learned a lot of ferocious truth about myself along the way,” she shared in a statement. twitter And Instagram Wednesday. “I have stripped away many layers, but I am dressed in a new layer. I feel like I have discovered a truly useful and healthy spirit and finally regained my feelings. I’ll go as far as I’m saying. ”I’ve never felt so peaceful in my life. “

Since her last studio album was released in 2015, Adele has married and divorced Simon Koneki. In her statement, she called her album a “friend” who survived “the most turbulent times of my life.”

Adele is “finally” ready to release her new album, Announcing the release date of “30”

“Then, that friend who quit check-in and was absorbed in his sadness. Since then, he has carefully rebuilt his house and heart. The album speaks for itself,” she wrote. rice field.

On October 5, Adele made fun of “Easy On Me” with a 21-second clip of the video. A few days before Teaser, signs numbered “30” began to appear in cities around the world, and rumors that the singer would soon release the album sparked among fans. All of Adele’s previous albums start with their 2008 debut album “19”, followed by 2011 “21” and 2015 “25”, and are numbered as titles with reference to her age. increase.

Her last three albums have all been ranked in the top five on the Billboard 200 chart, with “25” and “21” winning Grammy Awards for Best Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album, respectively.

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Watch the “Easyon Me” music video

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