Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra owe nearly $900,000 in back taxes.


Catelyna and Tyler Baltierra are in serious trouble. The “Teen Mom” couple owes nearly $900,000 in taxes, according to a recent article in The Sun. Tyler and Catelynn received a federal tax lien for $535,010, as fans may recall. According to The Sun, 97 people died in November 2019. They were then served with a third tax lien for $321,789. 06 on the 16th of December, 2019.

According to an update from the outlet, “the liens remain unpaid today.” ”

Here’s what you need to know:

Their Clothing Company Closed in 2019

According to Radar Online, the couple founded Tierra Reign, a children’s clothing line, in 2017.

According to the outlet, the company went out of business in April 2019. “RadarOnline..” it added,

Catelynn and Tyler have failed to file their annual statement for the second year in a row, despite the website being shut down, according to com. The couple “never updated their annual statements,” according to a clerk, and “missed the 2018 and 2019 years.” ”

The Tierra Reign website is currently inactive. They Own a Farm House on 15 Acres of Land

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They own a historic farmhouse on 15 acres of land today. Tyler, who flips houses, documented his renovation process on Instagram for


Baltierra shared a photo of the farmhouse on Instagram in June 2019, writing, “The feeling you get when stepping back to look at a house you restored back into a home is so hard to explain…but what I do know is that I wouldn’t trade it for anything!” Bottom Right: (when it was built) Bottom Left: (when I bought it)”

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Tyler made over $100,000 flipping a house in Butchville, Michigan in October 2020. “The father-of-three made $101,560 after buying the home for $73,440 in March 2016 and listing it for $169,900 on June 26, 2020… Baltierra wound up with more than his asking price,” according to a previous Heavy article. ”

Tyler revealed on The Awesome Dad Show in March 2020 that the money the couple earns from MTV is used to support their children. “As far as the kids getting paid for the show, my kids are totally set, they’re totally set for life… College is paid for, and that was mine and Catelynn’s main thing – each of our children has trust funds that money goes into and they can’t touch,” he shared.

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Rya Rose, the couple’s newborn daughter, was born in August 2021. “Being your father is my highest honor…I love you so much Rya Rose!” Tyler wrote on Instagram after the birth. ”

The news came shortly after Catelynn revealed that the couple had lost a pregnancy in December 2020.

“I WAS pregnant and excited to share it with all of you and I am heartbroken to reveal that I lost the baby,” Catelynn wrote on Twitter. “We are all in this together, and everyone experiences pain, loss, and the recovery from it, and I am still dealing with this loss as it was recent, as well as all the emotional trauma that comes with such a loss in an already horrifically difficult year,” she continued. “Thank you in advance for your prayers, love, and support,” she continued. Clean Bowled News


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