Tucker Carlson: The chant “Let’s go to Brandon” is a demonstration of parent Viden’s unity..


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If you’ve been paying attention to it for the last few years and you’re watching this show, that’s fine, but maybe there was a moment when you realized that reality wasn’t exactly what you expected. Many of the things you have assumed are not really true. Instead they are mirages. They are dedicated mythological nets designed to deceive rather than inform you. I can’t really trust my feelings anymore. Your eyes will lie to you.

It’s an uneasy idea, especially when Vladimir Putin finally realizes that he’s totally late. Disinformation in Russia is everywhere in this country. It even lurks in our own hearts. It’s worse than Adam Schiff told us. It was just last weekend. For example, thousands of Southwest Airlines flights failed to land. It seemed clear that the mass cancellation was a direct reaction to Joe Biden’s vaccination obligations. They were announced just a few days ago, after which the actual Southwest pilots seemed to confirm this. But no, that’s what the Kremlin wants you to think about. In fact, it was only the weather, as the authorities have always assured us. There are only a few clouds that calm America. The Southwest Airlines story is as fake as a Hunter Biden laptop.

Will the Russians lie to you? People love the obligation to vaccinate, even thousands of people who have been dismissed because of it. They are completely familiar with how naughty they were. They need discipline, and they are grateful to get it. Thank you, President. Can you give me another one?

While announcing the start of the race, the young boy becomes viral after yelling into Mike, “Let’s go to Brandon.”

There is a reason. In other words, Joe Biden is the most popular head of state in American history. And the reason is that he is wonderful. How much is Joe Biden loved? Now, let’s say this at sporting events nationwide. Fans support the White House and its wise and eloquent leaders. As we say in Washington, these are not tuned political setpiece artificial turf. No. These are voluntary eruptions of love. Watch a college football game from the stand for 1 minute. In the next minute, you overcome the desire, urgent, and irresistible need to tell Joe Biden how wonderful he is. It’s like having to go to a really bad toilet, except that it’s better and more progressive. Ladies and gentlemen, this is happening everywhere. A climax tsunami supporting Joe Biden.

“F *** Joe Biden” chants in Utah, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and New Jersey football games

It’s exciting when you think about it. Joe Biden promised to bring the country together on his first day in office and is now doing so. It doesn’t matter which team you appear to support in your heart, you’re a fan of Joe Biden. And that is the unity of the people. Of course, not everyone agrees with this. To Vladimir Putin, who hates our freedom, and because he is Russian. This is a threat that loves Biden. Therefore, by definition, Vladimirputin must destroy it. It’s like a sunset, a rose garden, a baby’s smile. If Russia is trying to rule the world, it’s a nice thing to be polluted.

Therefore, Putin spread the lie that these expressions of pure dedication to Joe Biden were instead an attack on Joe Biden, in order to destroy the good and beautiful. A vulgar attack that includes an adjective that begins with F. And sadly, many believe that disinformation in Russia is effective. That’s why they do it.

So thank heaven NBC was there to correct that misunderstanding. Over the past few years, NBC has probably done more than any other news organization in the country to fight the Kremlin’s propaganda machines. Thanks to NBC, for example, your doubts about the fairness of the last election have not only been resolved, but are now illegal. You are not allowed to express them again. So I can thank the qualified representatives of NBC Sports when they started celebrating Joe Biden voluntarily earlier this month. If the NBC woman wasn’t there, she might have misunderstood what the crowd said.

Driver Brandon Brown: Oh, that’s right. Just such an incredible moment. // Reporter:Brandon, you also told me that I could hear chanting from the crowd. Let’s go, Brandon.

F Joe Biden, come, get up, America. It’s like looking at the prosperous and incredibly strong economies around us and concluding that there is inflation. Calm down, Vladimir Putin, it’s ridiculous.

How to “Go to Brandon!” Became a national social media sensation

Let’s go, Brandon, what they said, and you could hear it very clearly just by listening to the truth. NBC women made it very clear. Not Joe Biden. Let’s go, Brandon.

But who is Brandon? Well, just another happy American who appreciates the wise leadership of his benevolent president. In fact, Brandon is part of the newly arrived America, what we call the Biden generation. He is an undocumented Trans-Haiti immigrant currently registered, thanks to Pell Grant as a film studies major at New York University and part-time non-dual rights activists and puppeteers. Brandon is the embodiment of a new American dream that is all free, but everyone is still angry.

Just this month, thanks to Joe Biden. Brandon has had a fourth COVID infection. In short, he’s an incredibly good person, far better than you. And the crowd is simply celebrating it, as those who appreciate it voluntarily. Let’s go, Brandon. Let’s get the 5th shot. Let’s go, Brandon.

So, if you remove Russian propaganda, it’s all very obvious and natural. But it makes you wonder if you pause for a moment. If Russians are lying about Brandon, what else are they lying about? And we are glad you asked. They are lying about the hospital.

Vladimirputin is making a story about our hospital here in the United States. Putin claims that Joe Biden’s vaccination obligation has disrupted our health care system, which is ridiculous. Still, for some reason, those cunning and relentless Kremlin proponents managed to put the story on American television.

News Report from Lowville, NY in September: Reporter: Hospital officials say they plan to suspend service in the obstetrics unit starting Saturday. // Hospital official: As you know, there were 43 resignations. 70% of them are in the clinical field, and unfortunately many obstetric nurses are part of that group of specialists in delivery and postpartum care.

The Internet reacts to brutal new economic data: “The White House is not what you want to see”

As a result, all obstetric nurses are gone and no more babies are giving birth at the hospital. Now the Russians blame Joe Biden for this. But the truth is very different. The truth is that this is yet another heartfelt tribute to Joe Biden. Those nurses have left so they can spend more time on the campaign for Joe Biden’s reelection in 2024. Once again, this is an act of love disguised by foreign power as an act of contempt. It’s happening not only in New York, but in many places.

Central Maine Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals in Maine. It just stopped hospitalization for that pediatric and trauma. Want to treat your child with an illness? You were injured in a car accident. You can’t go there. Why? Well, they quoted a shortage due to vaccination obligations. “The hospital is preparing to lose hundreds of workers, and 84 employees have resigned so far,” according to a local news agency. This is a hospital in a small town in one state. And they will quote the loss of hundreds of workers.

Well, that’s one way to see it. It’s the Russian way to see it. Patriotic View — The view approved by Joe Biden is very different. here it is. This means hundreds of new jobs for foreigners who are currently crossing the southern border. There is no unemployment crisis for them. So, in reality, this is a big win. Thanks to vaccination obligations, these illegal Americans have a lot to do, not just in Maine, but everywhere.

In Washington, the Spokane Spokanesman Review reported that “long-term care facilities can face serious staff shortages.” Why? Will the vaccine obligation come into effect on October 18th? Oh, if you just came from another country without permission to come here, you know what you can do for life.Replace the advanced, the legacy Americans

In Michigan, the head of the largest nursing home association said they “face an even bigger crisis” with the mandatory vaccines. Or, as good Americans say, it’s a bigger opportunity.

By the way, Seattle residents are looking for many new opportunities to practice self-defense. Brushing up that taekwondo from grade 5 is a good excuse, you must have forgotten those skills. It’s time to get them back. Seattle people are facing a major shortage of law enforcement officers. Why? As you can imagine. Joe Biden’s vaccine is mandatory. Here’s how a local news station reported it:

Seattle News Report: The Seattle Police Department is already preparing for a mass dismissal of officers from October 13 due to a shortage of personnel. Police will move to the so-called third stage mobilization. According to the agency’s manual, it is reserved for scenarios that can cause serious consequences. Harm, property destruction, or widespread public fear. // As of Tuesday, 354 sworn personnel had not submitted proof of vaccination. That number has dropped to 292 today, yet it’s more than 25 percent of all deployable executives.

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So we gave you a snapshot of what’s happening in the country, but it’s happening all over the country, from coast to coast and in the middle of the country. And that’s happening now. This means that in the coming months, you will either call 9-1-1 for an emergency, get injured and appear in the hospital, or try to catch you. Flying a plane and you will find that you can’t because you’re no longer working at a hospital, police station, fire department, your airline, none of them.

Now Joe Biden will take responsibility for this if the Russians are on their way. Vladimir Putin will tell you it’s Joe Biden’s fault. Oh no, no, it’s a homage to Brandon. Let’s go, Brandon.

This article is based on Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the October 13, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Tucker Carlson: The chant “Let’s go to Brandon” is a demonstration of parent Viden’s unity.

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