To date, $ 10.3 billion sets an annual record.


Pete Canito, New York Stock Exchange Red Wire Corporation, September 8, 2021.

Source: NYSE

Private investment in space companies reached $ 3.9 billion in the third quarter, setting a new record of $ 10.3 billion this year, according to this week’s report by New York-based company Space Capital.

“This quarter set a new record for annual infrastructure investment, surpassing the previous $ 9.8 billion set in 2020,” Space Capital’s managing partner Chad Anderson wrote in a report. increase.

The Quarterly Space Capital Report categorizes industry investments into three technology categories: infrastructure, distribution, and applications.

Infrastructure includes what is commonly considered a space company, such as companies that manufacture rockets and satellites.

The space companies that completed the SPAC merger and went public accounted for a significant portion of the capital raised in the third quarter and were completed by Rocket Lab, Spire Global, BlackSky, Momentus, and Redwire. The two biggest deals this quarter came from ORBCOMM, which was undisclosed for $ 1.1 billion, and oneWeb, a satellite broadband company that raised $ 550 million.

More SPAC deals are expected to close in the fourth quarter, and “average round size and number of rounds are on track to set new records at the end of the fourth quarter,” Anderson said. increase.

Since 2012, Space Capital has tracked 1,654 companies that have raised $ 231.2 billion in cumulative global equity investments across three space categories.

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To date, $ 10.3 billion sets an annual record

Source link To date, $ 10.3 billion sets an annual record


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