The ‘Teen Mom’ star claims that her child was born with three holes in their heart.


Mackenzie Douthit McKee, star of “Teen Mom OG,” revealed that her youngest son, Broncs, 4, was “ripped away” from her when he was born. After discussing Broncs being sent home from school after he hit his teacher and called other students names on “Teen Mom OG,” Douthit received backlash.

“Please stop self-diagnosing him and telling me what my son has and trust that I, as his mother, will take him to doctors, specialists, and trust their professional opinion,” she wrote on Instagram, according to Teen Mom Tea’s fan account.

“And, please, no more teeth-shaming,” she added. “We go to the dentist every six months and brush our teeth every day. ”

Since she and her son had received some backlash from fans, Douthit wanted to give her fans a little more information about her baby boy.

“Broncs was born on the tenth day of the tenth year of the tenth year of the tenth year “I had a lot of diabetic complications five weeks ago when I ate 1oz,” she explained. “He had three holes in his heart, and the second he came out, he was ripped away from me.” ”

“For eight hours, I had no idea he was alive. “I couldn’t put my hands on him for seven days, and he spent a month in the NICU,” the Oklahoma native continued. “When he was finally allowed to return home, we were warned that the heart medication might affect his baby teeth, and they were correct. ”

Douthit and her husband, Josh McKee, are one of the few couples in the “Teen Mom” franchise to have stayed together after having a child as teenagers. Gannon, 10, Jaxie, 7, and Broncs are the couple’s children.

Douthit and McKee have broken up several times, with each admitting to infidelity, but they reconnected in Florida when the MTV star took their children.

Doctors Examined Broncs for Dwarfism

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Douthit revealed that Broncs’ head and legs didn’t measure “the way they should” during his first two years of life. ”

“For 18 months, he didn’t stand or walk,” she said. “He went to a lot of therapy.” He was also in speech therapy and has a hearing problem in his left ear.

After having her tubes tied, Douthit revealed she suffered from postpartum depression and said she tried to keep Broncs a baby for as long as she could. “I’m getting a lot of flak for babysitting him. “However, when you’re on the verge of losing a child, you tend to do that,” she explained. “He was never far from my side.” There will be no daycare or nothing. ”

Douthit Discussed Everything Broncs Has Been Through Since He Was Born

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The MTV star also revealed that Broncs’ grandmother died when he was four years old, and his grandfather, who suffers from depression, underwent “serious heart surgery.” ”

Douthit also discussed her spur-of-the-moment move from Oklahoma to Florida. “After that, I kicked his father out and moved across the country,” she explained. “Then I threw him in school, knowing he’d never been away from me before.” ”

“So if you all expected him to process this and go to school as a perfect child… come on,” she added. “It’s been a year since the show aired… But this year at school, we’ve been told on a daily basis how nice and gentle he is. ”

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