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Bangkok (AP) — One of Thailand’s leading fast food chains is touting “Crazy Happy Pizza” this month, a radar-topped product topped with cannabis leaves. It’s legal, but it doesn’t make you expensive.

A backpacker trail veteran familiar with the legendary pizza parlor in the neighboring Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, which offers powerful marijuana as an optional seasoning, may feel totally fooled.

“Of course, they can’t be high,” said Panusak Suensatoboon, general manager of The Pizza Company, in an interview this week. “This is just a marketing campaign. If you can taste cannabis and have enough, you may feel a little sleepy.”

Crazy Happy Pizza is a topping reminiscent of the flavor of the famous Thai Tom Yum Guy soup and a mashup of fried cannabis leaves on top. Cannabis is also poured into the cheese crust and the dip sauce contains chopped cannabis. The price of a 9-inch pie is 499 baht (about $ 15). Customers who prefer do-it-yourself varieties can choose their own toppings for two or three cannabis leaves for an additional charge of 100 Baht ($ 3).

Cannabis plants have been used for two main purposes: as hemp for making ropes and clothing, and as an intoxicating drug known as pots, ganja, and daga.

In recent years, a kind of intermediate product has appeared. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical found in cannabis that can be processed into what is advertised as a panacea. CBD can be separated from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)-a cannabis chemical that produces high levels of marijuana.

Thai Chain Cannabis Pizza: Trendy, But Not Expensive | Lifestyle

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