Texas Supreme Court Brakes SAISD Vaccine Mandatory.


San Antonio – San Antonio ISD’s vaccination obligation will be put on hold Thursday following a ruling from the Texas Supreme Court.

The court battle before and after ended in the Supreme Court of Texas after a San Antonio judge and the Fourth Court of Appeals ruled against the state and appealed the district to suspend delegation. The Supreme Court granted a stay to suspend the mandate, but did not rule under the proposal, the court said.

“We have not yet had the opportunity to consider the benefits of these challenges,” the ruling said. “Our role was to place orders to maintain the status quo.”

The district sought to argue that the court needed to allow the delegation to proceed in order to maintain the status quo. The mandate is “the last actual, peaceful, undisputed state prior to the pending controversy … its clarification and issuance (of an executive order).”


However, the court did not agree with the district.

“But the governor claimed authority to manage vaccine obligations at the state level in April, months before the school district enforced its obligations,” the ruling said. “The current situation between the parties is not regional control over vaccine obligations.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton praised the decision in a statement.

“No municipality goes beyond state law,” said Attorney General Paxton. “We are pleased that the Texas Supreme Court has reaffirmed that the Governor’s decision governs both at the state and local levels. This decision is an illegal vaccine for all Texas school districts. It should remind us that we need to spend limited money on children’s education and teacher equipment, rather than defending our obligations. “

School district officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

Paxton filed a lawsuit against the school district in early September after Governor Greg Abbott signed a presidential order banning government agencies from requesting the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of FDA approval status. Since then, the governor has expanded his orders and banned private companies from imposing vaccine obligations.


SAISD is the state’s first and only school district to announce COVID-19 vaccine requirements for employees, with several exemptions for disability or religious reasons.

District lawyers claimed that Abbott’s executive order does not have that authority under the Texas Disaster Act, which gives the governor broad authority in emergencies such as the coronavirus pandemic.

The mission was set to take effect on Friday.

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According to experts, Abbott’s latest vaccine directive is likely to eventually be brought to court.

San Antonio leaders said Abbott “trampled the rights of free businesses” in the latest executive order.

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Texas Supreme Court Brakes SAISD Vaccine Mandatory

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