Texas hunters say ammunition shortages are affecting the hunting season.


Rabon, Texas — Ammunition shortages are still a victim of a pandemic, and Texas hunters are being forced to distribute as the deer hunting season is underway.

For Mike Powell, a resident of Rabon, Texas, an annual deer hunting trip with his grandchildren in eastern Texas means the world to him.

“They love it. They love to get along with each other and it’s a kind of bond,” Powell said.

Mike Powell and his grandchildren spent two days in eastern Texas hunting wild boars and deer. (Spectrum News 1 / Michael Lozano)

The North Texas family has had to take a different approach over the past few years due to a national ammunition shortage.

“Just going out and plinking can affect your ability to shoot at guns and gain experience with guns,” Powell said, with his grandchildren having less opportunity to hone their shooting skills. I added that.

Mike Powell shows a gun down for a deer hunting trip in eastern Texas. (Spectrum News 1 / Michael Lozano)

Gun shop owners, like most merchandise, say pandemics have caused problems in the ammunition supply chain. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the problem has only worsened, with an estimated 3.2 million people buying their first firearms in early 2021.

Powell says he was able to stock up on ammo, but it’s not cheap when he needs to buy more. He says ammunition boxes used to cost $ 15 to $ 16. “Now it’s like $ 44, and as you know, each bullet is like a bullet over $ 2.”

Mike Powell says he’s hoarding ammo, but he still chooses to be aware of how much he spends on target practice and hunting. (Spectrum News 1 / Michael Lozano)

When the locals in North Texas aren’t hunting or preaching in his church, he’s busy with taxidermy work and is touching the heartbeat of the hunting world.

“I know many people go to buy shells just because they are out of fear,” Powell said.

Powell wants to see the end of the shortage, but until then, he and his grandchildren want a successful deer hunting season.

Texas hunters say ammunition shortages are affecting the hunting season

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