Taiwan is a “power for good,” U.S. senior lawmakers say on a trip to Taipei.

File Photo: Taiwan and US flags will be held in Taipei, Taiwan on March 27, 2018. REUTERS / Tyrone Siu / File Photo

November 26, 2021

Taipei (Reuters) – The leader of the US Parliamentary delegation to Taiwan praised the island as the world’s “power for good” in a meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen on Friday with the United States under Tsai Ing-wen. Relationships are more productive than decades.

Five US members of the House of Representatives arrived in Taiwan on a two-day trip Thursday night. This is the second visit of a US lawmaker a month.

At a meeting at Tsai’s office, Mark Takano, chairman of the Veterans Commission and leader of a bipartisan delegation, reminded partners and allies of a shared responsibility for free and secure India. He said he was in this area. The Pacific Ocean remained stronger than ever.

“President Madam, I admire and admire your leadership. Under your administration, the bonds between us are more positive and productive than they were decades ago,” previously Japan. Said Mr. Takano, who had a group in South Korea.

“Our commitment to Taiwan is solid and remains solid as the bond between us grows. Taiwan is a democratic success story, a trusted partner and for the good of the world. It’s power, “he added.

The United States, like most countries, has no official relationship with Taiwan, but is the most important international supporter and arms supplier of a democratically dominated island against Beijing’s wrath.

China is increasing military and political pressure on Taiwan to accept its claim of sovereignty. Tsai vowed to maintain peace with China, but vowed to protect Taiwan if attacked.

“Regarding the situation in the region you are looking at, Taiwan will continue to strengthen its cooperation with the United States to maintain the common values ​​of freedom and democracy and to ensure peace and stability in the region.” She told the group. ..

Chinese troops conducted a combat preparation patrol in the direction of the Taiwan Strait earlier this month after condemning a visit to Taiwan by a U.S. parliamentary delegation that the Defense Ministry said it had arrived by military aircraft.

(Report by Ben Blanchard, edited by Michael Perry)

Taiwan is a “power for good,” U.S. senior lawmakers say on a trip to Taipei

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