Stop spreading “wrong information” about war.


Nairobi – The Ethiopian government responded Thursday to “spreading false information” as the country’s year-long war battle approached the capital Addis Ababa, while thousands of people protested outside the U.S. and British embassies. Warned the United States.

The war in Ethiopia not only opposes troops from the country’s Tigray region, but “against the colonialism of a powerful western state,” said government spokesman Kebede Desisa.

Some Ethiopians were outraged this week when a security message from the US embassy warned the public about a possible terrorist attack in the country. The United States also warned that there would be no Afghan-style evacuation if the turmoil of the war reached the capital, and repeatedly told civilians to leave immediately.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who announced this week that he will go to the battlefield to command the army, has argued as a “law enforcement operation” against the leader of Tigray, who once ruled the country for a long time before the political collapse. I threw it.


He now calls it an “existential war” and appeals to fellow African-Americans for support in the fight against Western intervention.

“I’m here to protest foreign atrocities planned to dismantle Ethiopia’s sovereignty,” said Worku Taddesse, one of Thursday’s protesters.

The conflict that broke out in November 2020 killed tens of thousands, and nearly 500,000 in Tigray face famine under a month-long government blockade. Tigre’s army has pressured Abbey’s government to lift the blockade, but said it also wants the prime minister to withdraw.

Earlier this year, the Ethiopian government designated the Tigray army as a terrorist group, further complicating mediation efforts by the United States and the African Union for a ceasefire.

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Stop spreading “wrong information” about war

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