Soccer-Infantino says people who oppose the World Cup change are scared.

FIFA Photo: President Gianni Infantino Visits Venezuela-Venezuela Central University Stadium-Caracas, Venezuela-October 15, 2021 President Gianni Infantino attends a press conference.Reuters / Leonardo Fernandez Virolia

November 26, 2021

Cairo (Reuters)-FIFA President Gianni Infantino opposes changing the frequency of the World Cup every two years, fears change, and keeps his position in the match as Africa supports the plan on Friday. I blamed you for wanting to.

In a hidden bargain in the European-South American coalition opposed to plans to change the current four-year cycle, Infantino said he didn’t want to change things because they were at the top of the sport. ..

He was speaking at the Confederation of African Football in Cairo. There, on Friday, African countries unanimously voted for a resolution in support of his plan to change the World Cup every two years.

“It’s the top people who are against it. When reforms and changes happen, it happens in every aspect of life. The people at the top are at the top and don’t want to change anything.” Infantino said.

“And they fear that if something changes, their leadership position will be jeopardized.

“We understand it and praise and praise our success in reaching the top. This is great, and they are examples for everyone.

“But at the same time, you can’t close the door. You need to keep the door open. You need to give hope and opportunity,” he added.

Infantino argued that increasing the frequency of FIFA’s flagship events would provide more opportunities for countries other than the world’s top tiers.

“In order for African football to shine on the world stage, we need to offer more opportunities to football around the world.”

Infantino said he would continue to consider his proposal, but did not provide a timeline for its possible implementation.

UEFA states that the new schedule will adversely affect the balance of local, national, continental and international competitions.

CONMEBOL, a South American organization, said the project “turns its back on the nearly 100-year-old world football tradition.”

The World Cup, co-sponsored by Canada, Mexico and the United States, will increase the number of finalists from 32 to 48.

(Written by Mark Gleeson in Cape Town, edited by Giles Elgood and Toby Davis)

Soccer-Infantino says people who oppose the World Cup change are scared

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