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In just a few weeks, on October 28, the newest installment of the “Star Trek” franchise, “Star Trek: Prodigy,” will premiere on the Paramount+ streaming app. “Prodigy” is the first Trek show created specifically for kids. The show’s creators and stars, on the other hand, have made it clear that the show is as much for parents as it is for children. The show’s co-creators, Dan and Kevin Hageman, have stated repeatedly that they hope “Prodigy” will be a show that the entire family can enjoy together. With the premiere less than a month away, here’s a rundown of everything we know so far.

The Crew

The main characters of “Prodigy” are unlike any other Star Trek characters. In fact, the vast majority of them are entirely new species to Star Trek fans. Only Jankom Pog and Zero, two of the characters, are identifiable Trek species. Jankom Pog is a Tellarite, and Zero is a Medusan, both of whom made their first appearance in “Star Trek: The Original Series.”

The rest of the aliens are brand new creations made specifically for “Prodigy.” Murf, who resembles a galaxy-patterned blob of goo, has been speculated to be a Changeling like Odo from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” ”

These are the character profiles from the official Paramount+ Twitter account:

Murf, whose age and species is unknown but who is an endearing, indestructible blob with curiously good timing and an insatiable appetite for ship parts.

Gwyn, a 17-year-old Vau N’Akat who was raised on her father’s bleak mining planet and grew up dreaming to explore the stars.

Jankom Pog, a 16-year-old Tellarite. Tellarites are known to relish an argument, and Jankom is no different. Regardless of opinion, he will always play ‘devil’s advocate’ for the sake of hearing all sides.

Rok-Tahk, a Brikar and an unusually bright eight-year-old girl. Rok is a bit shy, but not when it comes to her love for animals.

Zero, who is a Medusan: a noncorporeal, genderless, energy-based lifeform. Since others would go mad at the sight of their true self, Zero wears a containment suit they made themselves to protect others.

Dal 17 years old and an unknown species, he fancies himself a maverick, who even in the toughest times, holds strong onto his unwavering hope.

All of the aliens are tweens or teenagers, making “Prodigy” the first Trek show to feature a juvenile crew.

Their Ship, The USS Protostar

Unlike the main characters in every other Trek show, the characters in “Prodigy” do not begin as the crew of their spaceship. They don’t even know how to fly a spaceship when they first discover the USS Protostar. To leave their old lives behind, they’ll have to learn to pilot a ship, collaborate, and form a crew. Captain Kathryn Janeway (

) enters the picture. An Emergency Training Hologram version of Captain Janeway, rather than the real thing. A hologram of Captain Janeway appears and offers her assistance to the kids as they struggle to activate and pilot the ship. The ETH Janeway will become a mentor for the kids as they learn to become a crew together, according to Kate Mulgrew, who is reprising the role for “Prodigy.”

In September, Paramount+ revealed the credits sequence for “Prodigy,” giving fans a first look at their ship. The aesthetic is similar to that of the USS Voyager, which makes sense given that the show is set in the same era, specifically 2383. None of the trailers, however, have revealed how another Starfleet vessel ended up in the Delta Quadrant. The Setting (


That’s right, the Delta Quadrant! “Prodigy” will be set entirely in unknown space, where the USS Voyager was lost for seven years. As a result, the majority of the characters are of unknown species.

The crew will locate the Protostar on Tars Lamora, a Delta Quadrant asteroid that appears to be a mining facility. There is currently no explanation for why these children are trapped on this planet. The trailers, on the other hand, make it clear that they really want to leave. Even though they know nothing about Starfleet, these kids have the hearts of explorers, making them the ideal Starfleet crew. The Villains

The Villains

The Villains

The Villains

The Villains

The crews face a plethora of enemies, some of whom they face on a regular basis, but it’s rare for a Starfleet crew to face a single villain over the course of several encounters.

“Prodigy” will defy expectations. The Diviner and Drednok, the villains of “Prodigy,” were cast as The Diviner and Drednok, respectively, by Paramount+ in August. Drednok enforces the Diviner’s will on the mining asteroid where the kids live. The Diviner is also the father of one of the main characters, Gwyn, in a particularly interesting twist. The USS Protostar belongs to The Diviner, and the young crew has actually stolen it from him, according to the second trailer for the show. The first season will follow them as they travel through the Delta Quadrant, avoiding The Diviner and Drednok’s wrath. Though “Prodigy” hasn’t been officially renewed for a second season, Mulgrew revealed in a conversation with a fan that she was already doing voice work for the show’s second season. At Star Trek Las Vegas 2021, it was confirmed that a second season of “Prodigy” is in the works. Robert Beltran, who played Commander Chakotay in “Star Trek: Voyager,” has revealed that he is also doing voice work for the show. He didn’t say much else, but it sounds like Chakotay will make an appearance in season two.

Those are the major points we’ve learned so far. On October 10, a sneak peek of the first episode of “Prodigy” will be shown at New York Comic-Con. Heavy will be reporting live from the convention, so stay tuned for updates! Follow the Heavy on Star Trek Facebook page for the latest breaking news, rumors, and content!

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