Seattle Police Department Staffing Issues Accelerate Emergency Dispatch Plans.


Seattle – Seattle police station is sending detectives and non-patrol officers to respond to emergency calls due to a shortage of patrol officers who fear that the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine will exacerbate union leaders. increase.

Due to a shortage of personnel, the division on Wednesday moved to the rescue dispatch scenario.

KOMO reports that the division has lost more than 300 executives in the past year. If the October 18 deadline for coronavirus vaccination is not met, nearly 300 more people may face retirement.

“We can’t afford to lose it, that’s how desperate we are to grab people,” said Mike Solan, chairman of the police union. “If we lose more officers, the public security situation will be much more unacceptable here.”

According to Seattle Mayor’s Office statistics, 782 officers have submitted evidence of COVID-19 vaccination, 98 officers have requested tax exemption, and 186 have not submitted documents.


Authorities want more people to submit the required documents as the deadline approaches.

Police spokesman Sgt. “For police officers who haven’t submitted their vaccination cards at this time, we’ll consider what the next step is,” Randy Huselick said last week after the deadline.

The Seattle area, like other metropolitan areas in the United States, has experienced a surge in gun violence, resulting in staff shortages. The deadly shootings in the first nine months of 2021 in King County, including Seattle, have already exceeded the year-end total of last year.

As of the end of September, 73 people were killed and 283 were injured in this year’s shooting in King County, according to data from the King County prosecutor’s shooting project.

Since 2020, King County has had 69 firearm-related murders and 268 non-fatal shootings.

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Seattle Police Department Staffing Issues Accelerate Emergency Dispatch Plans

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