Romanian Parliament Approves Prime Minister Siuka’s Grand Coalition Government.

Romanian liberal Prime Minister Nikolae Siuka will give a speech during a confidence voting session at the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, on November 25, 2021. Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea via Reuters

November 25, 2021

Radu-Sorin Marina

Bucharest (Reuters)-Roman legislators overwhelmingly supported the grand coalition government of liberal Prime Minister Nikolae Siuka on Thursday, launching a replacement Prime Minister’s Agreement to end the two-month political stagnation.

Romania has been politically paralyzed since the split of the Middle Road Alliance in September, undermining efforts to reduce huge budgets and trade shortages during the COVID-19 surge.

“We can finally provide predictability and guarantee stability and development. Today is a new way to govern Romania to improve the economic, social and health conditions of its citizens. It’s the first day of the approach, “Ciuca told Congress.

A retired general, Shiuka, 54, will run the cabinet until May 25, 2023, under a replacement coalition agreement with a former enemy of the party, Romania’s largest Social Democratic Party (PSD).

Along with the Hungarian party UDMR and an independent group of ethnic minorities, the Ciuca government has overwhelming support from over 70% of its members.

On Thursday, the Cabinet received support from 318 of the 444 members in attendance.

The coalition changes the prime minister every year and a half. The PSD holds strong finance, agriculture, defense and transportation ministries, and the Liberal Party leads departments such as justice, energy, internal affairs and diplomacy.

However, political commentators say that centrist and leftist regimes could stand on a bumpy path in the coming months, even though the majority of parliaments are comfortable. One issue can be different views on judicial reform.

The coalition has agreed not to change the flat income and profit taxes, raising pensions by 10% next year, along with other social measures, including raising children’s allowances, for a total cost of 13.6 billion lei ($ 3.1 billion). I decided to call.

Romanian leu, one of the world’s worst performing currencies this month, traded flat at € 4.9479 by 1050 Greenwich Mean Time.

(Report by Radu Marinas, edited by Frances Kerry)

Romanian Parliament Approves Prime Minister Siuka’s Grand Coalition Government

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