Ring in a cozy season with the latest Telfarx Ugg Drop.


Whether it’s cold enough to really count as the beginning of the “Ugg season”, Telfar Clemens is energizing us thanks to our latest collaboration with longtime cold supplier Ugg. I’m here to let you.This is a big deal: the first Telfar x Ugg drop debuted June It’s still sold out.

This latest gender-neutral collection revives some of the first round’s favorites with the addition of some new seasons that recreate Ugg’s signature chestnut shades-luxury bucket hats, hoodies, and Ugg Mini variation of Telfar logo boots. Of course, there are also Shelpa-lined shopping bags, a mashup of each brand’s most famous products, the Telfar shopping bag and Ugg shirring boots. Recognition has long been a mode of play and creativity for Clements.As he said GQ Earlier this summer, “We are always obsessed with ubiquitous. Seeing something for everyone makes it a reality for us.” The most ubiquitous of the early and mid 2000s. What’s better than refracting it through one catalog of brands to do?

Courtesy of Ugg

This is also the first Telfarx Ugg drop you can shop for on TV You can watch it on your website, Apple TV, Roku, or Google Play via the brand’s newly launched Telfar TV channel. As the designer announced during New York Fashion Week, the idea is to encourage users to create channels as much as possible and encourage fans and customers to send their own video content and play it on the air as well. .. Tonight, Clemens and its company will unveil a “UGG stravaganza” special featuring giveaways and special styles. It can be characteristically fun.

Ring in a cozy season with the latest Telfarx Ugg Drop

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