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This cover image, released by Mom + Pop Music, shows “The Atlas Underground Fire” by Tom Morello.


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“Atlas Underground Fire” Tom Morello (Mama + Pop Music)

Tom Morello’s “The Atlas Underground Fire” is truly exciting when the paint-peeling guitar riffs, spleen-shaking drums, and guest roaring parades subside.

The final cut is “On the Shore of Eternity”, a dance instrumental of over 8 minutes that sounds like the album has been hijacked by an aerobics class.

Morero wants America to shape.

Rock stars and social justice warriors convey their message through a vast 12-track patchwork pandemic product. Morero’s guitar was hit hard, despite being recorded on a mobile phone’s voice memo app, and his passion for politics was conveyed. However, long-distance file sharing by many collaborators on the album becomes a grab bag that induces whiplash.

Morero co-wrote all songs except the classic AC / DC “Highway to Hell”. This happens to be the highlight of the set. Bruce Springsteen and Eddie Vedder are in full glory, as if they had sung the national anthem of the arena.

Even heavier is “Let’s Start the Party”, where Bring Me the Horizon’s Oliver Sykes sings about dodging the devil. Incendiary riffs are back on the Achilles List. Greta Thunberg scolds, “I dare to keep my eyes off.” The album also calls for work on “Hold the Line,” a fist-raising man destined to be employed at sports venues.

Review: Guests put Tom Morello’s album wild | Entertainment

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