Republican Yongkin moves away from “regain Virginia” rally.


Richmond, Virginia – Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin did not attend the rally on Wednesday and picked up Republicans who spread falsehoods about election fraud.

Conservative radio host John Fredericks, a former Virginia Trump campaign chairman, has gathered at least hundreds of people outside Richmond to fire the Republican right wing for the November 2 elections. Organized the “Virginia Rally”.

Some of the people we talked to or expected were: Former Trump White House adviser Steve Bannon. Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem worked to overturn Trump’s 2020 loss. Virginia Senator Amanda Chase, a prominent proponent of the fraudulent election conspiracy theory.


Yongkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe are in fierce competition in Virginia, a Democratic-minded state. The Republican Party has focused his pitch on moderate and independent voters, which are essential to his success. That means stepping carefully when dealing with lies about fraud promoted by Trump and others in his party.

Yongkin, who did not say whether Biden was fairly elected in the primary, said he believed he was elected since then and does not believe there was a serious fraud in November last year. ..

Yongkin’s campaign did not answer questions from the Associated Press on Wednesday. Yongkin expected Trump to campaign with him on his last stretch, or why he chose not to attend Wednesday’s event other than pointing out Wednesday’s busy travel schedule.


Earlier this week, Yongkin called Fredericks’ show and thanked him for hosting the event.

“We’re going to win this,” Fredericks said. “We will hold the Trump Union together while Yongkin goes out there and appeals to the Independents.”

A marine veteran, Sears took up a position elected in 2001, beating the long-time incumbent in the overwhelmingly blue district to become the first black Republican woman to be elected to the House of Representatives.

She served only one term before deciding not to seek reelection. Most recently, she chaired the national chair of an organization specializing in Trump’s reelection and gained Chase’s support in a nomination contest.

The Democratic Party condemned the case and urged Yongkin to consider joining Sears.


“This kind of rhetoric is dangerous and life-threatening. Virginia is more valuable than Steve Bannon and Glenn Youngkin,” Virginia Democratic Party Communications Director Jace Genko said in a pre-event statement. Stated.

They also criticize Yongkin for continuing his campaign with Chase. A state senator on the outskirts of Richmond has also sought a governor’s nomination this year and regularly shares false information about the security of Virginia’s elections. Chase, who was accused by the Senate on a bipartisan basis earlier this year, called for an “audit” of the 2020 elections in Virginia, saying Trump should issue a decree and seize voting machines in December. rice field.

Trump lost Virginia overwhelmingly to Democrat Joe Biden last year-regular state audits confirmed the results-and Trump never stole elections.


Former Attorney General of the Trump, William Barr, found no evidence of widespread election corruption. A large-scale allegation of fraud was also dismissed by several judges during the Trump administration and refuted by the state’s electoral authorities and the Department of Homeland Security.

The Youngkin campaign sought to compare today’s fraudulent allegations with the 2000 presidential election, where the Supreme Court’s ruling determined the winner, and McCorriff blasted the decision and said the election was stolen.

Other Republican candidates refused to attend the event on Wednesday.

The initial recommendation stated that Republican Attorney General candidate Jason Miyares would be present. But his spokeswoman, Victoria Rasivita, called “wrong, misunderstood.”

She added that the candidate’s schedule was full, discussions with incumbent Attorney General Mark Herring took place earlier in the day, and evening events took place elsewhere.


Senators Terry Kilgore and Bill Stanley were at various times advertised to be present, but were not included in the final list of speakers.

Virginia candidates other than Sears had no plans to speak, according to the list provided to the AP.

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Republican Yongkin moves away from “regain Virginia” rally

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