Republican Rep. Lyle Larson increasingly defeats the party and does not seek re-election.


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Lyle Larson, MP of Parliament R-San Antonio, who supported the party on many major issues this year, announced on Wednesday that he would not seek re-election.

In an email to the members, Larson said he was in compliance with a recurring law that imposes a 12-year term limit on civil servants elected at the state level.

“As a strong supporter of term restrictions, we will comply with the restrictions previously proposed in this law,” Larson wrote.

Larson was first elected in 2010 to represent the House District 122 in the San Antonio region.

He was increasingly expected to pass the 2022 re-election campaign as he was disillusioned with his party and potential Republican candidates lined up in his seat. Larson was the only Republican to oppose the GOP’s priority election bill, which caused Democrats to break the quorum this summer. He was also the only Republican to vote against a law in which Republican supporters claimed to crack down on the teachings of critical race theory in Texas classrooms. Most recently, during his current special session, he submitted a long-term bill to offer Texas’s new near-complete abortion rape and incest exemption, despite having previously voted.


Larson, a former member of the San Antonio City Council and Commissioner of Baseball County, also stood almost alone in the Republican House of Representatives by submitting legislation during this year’s regular session in support of the expansion of Medicaid.

Larson used his Twitter account on a regular basis to lament the Partisan division of the Capitol and advocate ending the two-party system of the United States, highlighting the “Texas Independence Party.”

Larson, former Speaker of the House Joe Straus, a top ally of R-San Antonio, has publicly encouraged and praised moderate Strauss to run for state-wide positions last month. Strauss praised Larson’s tenure. Tweet“No matter which direction the wind is blowing, I’m happy to tell the difficult truth and stand in principle,” he said.


It wasn’t only this year that Larson realized he was in conflict with his party. Abbott fought to leave him in 2018 as the governor sought to set an example from a trio of House Republicans who had lost favor with him. Larson easily defeated a major challenger backed by Abbott.

Larson’s decision not to run for reelection opened a vast Republican district north of San Antonio, with several candidates circling the seats before the announcement of the incumbent’s retirement. Former Bexar District Attorney Nico Rafud had already said he was running in the HD-122 Republican primary. Elisa Chan, a former member of the San Antonio City Council, formed an investigative committee of the Primary and announced the campaign after Larson revealed his decision. In addition, Mark Dradio, a member of the State Republican Executive Committee and former Bexer County GOP Chairman, submitted a document to the Texas Institutional Review Board showing interest in the seats.


Within hours of Larson’s announcement on Wednesday, San Antonio businessman Adam Blanchard launched a Republican primary campaign, saying “it’s the right time for proven job creators to get results.” Blanchard quickly received Texas approval for litigation reform, an influential tort reform group.

Chris Fails, Abbott’s main challenger to Larson in 2018, said on Twitter that he wouldn’t run again next year and would instead favor Dradio.

In his email to the members, Larson said the boundaries of HD-122 were to shift “significantly” due to repartitioning and extend further into the northwestern suburbs of San Antonio. .. However, according to the Texas State Parliament, Larson remains a resident of the proposed new district.

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Republican Rep. Lyle Larson increasingly defeats the party and does not seek re-election

Source link Republican Rep. Lyle Larson increasingly defeats the party and does not seek re-election


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