Prince Philip (†99) :Little prank at his funeral – he had planned this fun beforehand


Prince Philip was known for his easy-going manner. Within the royal family he always provided for jokes. Even on the occasion of his funeral, he has not acted according to protocol, but allowed himself a last “fun”.

Prince Philip (†99) planned his own funeral for almost 20 years. From the specially made hearse, which was worked on since 2003, to the music – he wanted to have everything in hand. He may also have liked the fact that only 30 guests were allowed to say goodbye to him at St. Georges Chapel due to the Corona pandemic. He didn’t want to cause a stir. And yet, in typical Philip fashion, he allowed himself a little joke. That was how he was known. When his coffin was lowered into the family crypt, not the usual melody sounded, he said goodbye in a special way.

Our correspondent Charlotte, who was on the spot in Windsor for the funeral, tells you about the unique moment in the church in the video above.

Queen Elizabeth says goodbye to her husband

Showing emotion is something that British royals find difficult or even forbidden for years. But when you say goodbye to the love of your life after 73 years, it is perfectly legitimate to shed a tear, isn’t it? Queen Elizabeth (94) certainly thought so, too, when she was allowed to show how close she was to saying goodbye to her beloved husband. She could not repress the tears and so we got at the funeral a picture that has been very rare.


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