October 19-22 Early sale, new warranty.


Black Friday sales are expected from Best Buy this year as well.

The retailer will start the holiday season with a four-day sale starting Tuesday, followed by the Black Friday sale on November 19, a week earlier than Black Friday. Transactions on the sale on October 19th are also covered by the “Black Friday Price Guarantee” if the price drops.

Best Buy CEO Corie Barry announced a holiday plan at NBC’s Today Show on Thursday.

“We are heading into the most competitive time of the year. Everyone wants to give their customers that perfect gift,” Barry said. “And what we’re seeing is to continue to set prices that are incredibly competitive. From here, prices don’t rise unexpectedly significantly, and in fact, something good. I think there is some information. ”

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One of its “hottest deals,” according to Best Buy, is the $ 599 for a 70-inch Samsung 4K smart TV, saving $ 150. Last year, retailers sold a 70-inch Samsung TV for $ 529.99. There is also a Chromebook with a minimum of $ 99.

The Minneapolis-based electronics retailer was one of the first companies to announce a 2021 vacation plan. Sam’s Club has announced that it will double the number of savings events it hosts, and Amazon has begun early sales.

Last year, Best Buy announced its first Black Friday sale on October 8, a few days before its competing Amazon Prime Day sale.

Experts recommend that consumers start shopping for holiday gifts before Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Black Friday is often considered the official kick-off for the holiday shopping season.

“Shoppers plan to spend more money on vacation than last year,” Kristin McGrath, shopping expert and editor of trading website RetailMeNot, told USA TODAY. “All this increase in demand will be in addition to shipping delays, staffing challenges, and supply chain issues that have plagued retailers this year.”

The White House announced on Wednesday that Wal-Mart, FedEx and UPS will expand their efforts to support the ongoing supply chain bottlenecks and shortages caused by the pandemic.

“We are actually in a relatively good inventory position,” Barry said in an interview with NBC. “But roughly speaking, we take vacations with 20% more inventory than two years ago and 50% more inventory than last year.”

Best Buy is rolling out Black Friday deals early on.

Black Friday Early Sale: October 19-22

“We’ve destroyed the old holiday calendar and created a brand new calendar to get the hottest technology in the best deals,” said Best Buy. The days highlighted on the calendar include November 1st, which says “Black Friday prices are guaranteed.”

In a news release, Best Buy said in a four-day early sale, “There are hundreds of Black Friday sales available for the hottest technologies of the season, from headphones to laptops.”

Special discount on member Monday

Members of the $ 199.99 / year Best Buy Totaltech Program and the free My Best Buy Loyalty Program have access to “Special Discounts on Most Mondays During the Season.”

Paid programs have additional benefits, “Totaltech members have more opportunities than anyone else to win some of the hardest-to-find products of the year, such as gaming products,” the company said. ..

Best by Black Friday starts November 19th

Best Buy said it will trade many times throughout the season, but the Black Friday sale will start on Friday, November 19th.

“As always, we’ll make thousands of deals on the technology at the top of your list,” the retailer said.

Best Buy Black Friday Price Guarantee

Best Buy also offers a “Black Friday Price Guarantee” for some eligible products purchased early in the four days.

According to the fine print, the target product will display the message “Black Friday Price Guarantee” on the price tag of the website and store.

Loyalty members of My Best Buy and Best Buy Totaltech will automatically receive the price difference and refunds will be made by December 15th.

You can get a refund even if you are not a member. “Even if the price drops before Black Friday and the customer is not a member of My Best Buy or Best Buy Totaltech, you can still get a refund by visiting the nearest store or contacting Best Buy. Customer Care Team and Me We request price matching under our price matching guarantee, “said the retailer.

Best Buy store closed in Thanksgiving 2021

A few days after Wal-Mart announced that it would continue to close on Turkey Day, Best Buy confirmed on USA TODAY that the store would also close on November 25, following June 8. It is not open on holidays, which were traditionally big shopping days related to Black Friday.

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October 19-22 Early sale, new warranty

Source link October 19-22 Early sale, new warranty


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