Note the “Church of Data”.


IT leaders need to be aware of the unnecessary complexity around data and the feeling that decisions cannot be made without it.

This is the opinion of Mark Ridley, co-founder of SeeTo, a CTO advisory service, former CTO of the Financial Times, and former CIO of

Talk to Computing Recently, Ridley explained that while data is very valuable, some organizations can over-focus on the data itself rather than the value.

“Many companies believe that data can solve all problems, so the industry is centered around data creation and analysis, and building data science teams, creating more complex algorithms.” Said Ridley.

“But we’re farther away from simple and powerful indicators. These organizations can create unnecessary complexity in the way data is processed. For example, the number of people who visit your site every day. Instead of looking up, look at the value of each individual.

“And the more complex the system, the harder it is to use and modify it, and the harder it is to be dynamic,” he continued.

It’s all about the mission-Interview with NASACDO Ron Thompson

This can lead to an organization building a “church of data”, where it is treated as very important and can hinder all forms of progress and innovation.

“Sometimes people build a church of data and feel that nothing can be done without it. We use data to lose sight of being simple in the fleet.

“The same trend can be seen in agile. Some organizations follow the agile process but don’t understand why. They know they need a two-week sprint and a daily stand-up. But I don’t know why. Course.

“You can also see it on the product team. They can stick to the number of A / B tests they can perform. It will also be an A / B testing church.”

Ridley advised the organization to evaluate the data, but keep in mind the basics.

“Have you talked to a customer? Have you been told to pay for this product? Because it can be difficult. Think about how your data flows through your organization. Many things It doesn’t make sense to have the ability to do it. Test if you can’t work. Similarly, if you don’t know the right question, it doesn’t make sense to get all this data. “

Note the “Church of Data”

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