Myanmar Army Does Not Allow ASEAN Special Envoy to Meet Suu Kyi.

File photo: Myanmar military junta spokesman Zaw Min Tun spoke at a press conference of the Ministry of Information held in Naypyidaw, Myanmar on March 23, 2021. REUTERS / Stringer

October 14, 2021

(Reuters)-Myanmar’s ruling army does not prevent Southeast Asian envoys from visiting the country, but does not allow her to meet former detained leader Aung San Suu Kyi because she has been charged with crime. Said a military government spokesman.

Spokesman Zaw Min Tun added that it was a political motivation for the United Nations to delay approving the nomination of the UN ambassador for military junta.

A spokesman’s statement released by the military in Wednesday’s summary puts international pressure on military junta to implement a five-point peace program that Prime Minister Min Aung Hlaing agreed with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in April. It comes from the fact that it depends.

Myanmar has been politically and economically paralyzed since the military coup d’etat on February 1, causing unabated anger and eruptions of protest, with some civilians recruiting militias to undertake a powerful army. Formed.

Military junta’s inaction against the ASEAN program was “equal to a turnaround,” and some member states were “deeply debated” about excluding Min Aung Hlaing from this month’s summit, Brock said. One Eliwan Yusov said last week at https: // reut. .rs / 3vdCjIW.

Yerevan said earlier this week that he was in talks with Myanmar’s political parties and is looking forward to his visit without taking an aide or political position.

A military junta spokesman also claimed that Myanmar’s judicial system was fair and would handle Aung San Suu Kyi’s case independently, adding that the Chief Justice was appointed by the former government.

(Report by Reuters staff, written by Martin Petty, edited by Shri Navaratnam and Raju Gopalakrishnan)

Myanmar Army Does Not Allow ASEAN Special Envoy to Meet Suu Kyi

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