Michael Wendler: Friend plans escape of Laura Müller from the USA


Ex-wedding planner Timo Berger is worried about Laura Müller. He is now traveling to Florida to bring the influencer back to Germany.

Germany – The scandals surrounding Michael Wendler (48) seemingly never stop. Often the sufferer: his wife Laura Müller (20). A friend of the two now wants to help the Influencerin to escape to Germany.

Laura Mueller: Wife of Michael Wendler holds further to the hit singer

Laura Müller continues to remain ironclad silent on the accusations against her husband. After the Corona conspiracy theories of her husband and the abrupt end as a jury member with DSDS she kept out of the scandals. Even after the concentration camp comparison that Michael Wendler made because of the new Corona measures, the influencer did not comment.

Many now hoped that Laura Müller and Michael Wendler would separate – but instead she published a bouquet of red roses, given by her husband. Peace, joy, pancakes – you might think. The former wedding planner of the two, Timo Berger, sees it quite differently. Incidentally, he is one of the best friends of Marlen Valderrama-Alvaréz (24), the girlfriend of BVB goalkeeper Roman Bürki (30).

Ex-wedding planner Timo Berger wants to bring Laura Müller back to Germany

Michael Wendler still owes his ex-wedding planner Timo Berger 30,000 euros in flight and accommodation costs. Berger now wants to repeat this to himself and makes his story public on Instagram. “I know by now that the immigration authorities are investigating,” Berger explains and is even already on his way to Florida, the home state of Michael Wendler and Laura Müller.


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“I’m going to stay in Florida until I feel I’ve put everything possible in motion to make sure the consequences happen. Last time I came alone, not this time. I have not only the German media with me, no, also the American press.” Whether this is the channel NBC 2, which has just reported on Michael Wendler, is not clear in the Instagram video.

For this report Timo Berger could even be responsible. Because when asked by a follower if he had anything to do with the report at NBC 2, he only answered with an angel emoji.

Timo Berger visits parents of Laura Müller and expresses gloomy forecast for the future of the Influencerin
In the video, however, Berger still addresses the 20-year-old directly: “Laura, I was with your parents. I went to Tangermünde, visited them. I talked to them. I know how your father thinks.” What exactly the father thinks about the whole marriage with Michael Wendler, Timo Berger does not reveal. However, he can not avoid making an offer to his former client.

“I’ll take you back to Germany, but it’s your last chance. What still has to happen so that you wake up? At the end of September you’re gone, he said he has everything under control, nothing can happen to you, the contracts are fulfilled, your Instagram will continue, your career is not in danger – all lies,” Berger said in the video.

Is the marriage between Michael Wendler and Laura Müller not recognized in Germany?
“All your collaborations are gone, the three small attempts failed miserably. No one will advertise with Laura Müller anymore. And if you continue to hide and stay by his side, it will not change. Wake up, pack your bags, go back to Germany.”

In addition, Timo Berger hinted that the marriage of Michael Wendler and his Laura Müller was not even recognized in Germany. “You are still Laura Müller, single,” explains the entrepreneur. Where he got the information, however, he does not specify. “Even if you don’t have an account in America, no money, no credit card, it doesn’t matter, I’ll help you. I’ll book you the flight, I’ll take you back. You have my number, you just have to get in touch. Decide and think about the perspective of your life by his side – isolated from everyone, no friends, no income, no reputation, just nothing.”

What Timo Berger now plans to do in the U.S., the wedding planner has not revealed. And Laura Müller has also not commented on the escape plans of her acquaintance. She will probably stay with her husband Michael Wendler and continue to spend her life in Cape Coral, Florida.


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