Michael Sam responds to Jon Gruden’s homosexual email.


Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted by the NFL, wrote in a publicly surfaced homosexual e-mail written by Jon Gruden before he resigned as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday. I dealt with it.

One of Gruden’s emails (including misogyny and racist language) used the term homosexuality, referring to Sam, who was drafted by St. at the time in 2014. Louis Rams.

“It’s a shame that the first active gay player playing is on the same team,” Sam said in a webinar hosted by the University of Augusta, Illinois, Wednesday.

Sam mentioned Karl Nashib, the defensive end of the Raiders, the first openly gay active NFL player. Sam didn’t create an active NFL roster.

After announcing that Nashib was gay in June, Gruden told the Las Vegas Review Journal:

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However, Sam spoke at an event called “The Courageous Conversation with Michael Sam,” providing the first public statement about Gruden’s email, stating: It’s just like showing it. So are you really part of it, or isn’t it?

“It’s moving in that direction (acceptance), so if you’re not part of it, you’ll have to find another profession.”

According to Raiders general manager Mike Mayock, Nasib was exempt from team activities after the Raiders requested a personal day on Wednesday.

Sam, who played in Missouri and was named SEC co-defense player in 2013, said the NFL has gay men in the closet.

“I know people who are struggling with the NFL and can’t get out,” he said.

Asked how the NFL wants to respond to Gruden’s email, Sam replied, “They will definitely crack down on such prejudices.”

Michael Sam responds to Jon Gruden’s homosexual email

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