Martha Stewart, Dolly Parton, Share More Thanksgiving Celebration.


Martha Stewart knows that Thanksgiving is a marathon, not a sprint. Her marathon baking project was completed in almost a day.

“It took about 20 hours to make 30 pies,” a lifestyle mogul shared in an Instagram post on Wednesday. “10 pecan brown butter rum, 10 almond crust cranberry tart, 10 pate brize crust spice powder flavored pumpkin pie.”

She went on to say, along with multiple photos of the pie: Stuffing, turkey and sides !!! “

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More stars showed off their 2021 Thanksgiving dishes and shared what they were grateful for. Let’s see how these celebrities spent their day of appreciation.


President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden are the same as us. They listened to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade like millions of viewers on Thursday morning. But unlike our others, Bidens called Al Roker during the live broadcast of NBC.

“Oh, see who’s calling,” said the organizer of the “Today” show, showing the president’s face pop up on his phone.

“My message (to the public) is that you’re back two years later, America is back,” Biden said on the phone. “There is nothing we can’t overcome, Al, and you’re one of the reasons, companion. You’re always awake. You’re always rooting.”

Roker replied: I would like you to continue watching the parade. Santa is coming. Santa is coming, President! “

“I’m waiting for Santa,” Biden replied.

Andrea Mitchell of NBC News shared a photo of the sweet encounter above twitter. The photo shows the first couple leaning on Biden’s cell phone and laughing in front of the TV.

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Michelle Obama

The former First Lady shared a “Happy Thanksgiving” banner and a photo of her family’s Portuguese water dog, Sunny, posing near the chest of a turkey toy.

“Happy Thanksgiving from Sunny and our whole family! Thank you to everyone you love and wish you a wonderful day,” Obama said. Tweeted.

Former President Barack Obama also shared a Thanksgiving message on Instagram.

“I remembered that at this Thanksgiving, I had to thank people of all sizes, big and small,” he wrote on Instagram. “Michelle and I are especially grateful to our families, our progress as a nation, and young leaders around the world striving to build a better future. Sincerely to everyone celebrating today. Send your wishes. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. “

Dolly Parton

The country music icon shared a rare retrospective photo of her and her husband Karl Dean on Instagram on Thursday: “Happy #Thanksgiving from me and mine to you and yours.”

Dean is almost out of the spotlight, but Parton, who shares a photo of her elusive husband, has evoked praise from fans who are truly grateful.

“Recently, I’m crazy about promoting Karl Dean,” commented @haleywould. User @Kellybendetti added, “Hubbahubba. What a cool, confident man you have.”

In his 1977 appearance at The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, Parton revealed that he met Dean on his first day in Nashville, Tennessee in 1964. The two will tie a knot two years later.

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Dwayne’The Rock’Johnson

Johnson gave more than thanks for this holiday. After the actor listened to him, he handed out his own “personal custom truck” to Navy veteran Oscar Rodriguez.

“He’s much more valuable than my personal track,” the actor said. Tweet, With a sweet video released on Wednesday. “Kindness is important to me, so I thank @ ORodri240 for being so kind to many people.”

Johnson continued: “Enjoy your new truck guy.”

The “Red Notice” star surprised Rodriguez and other fans during a special screening of the movie in Los Angeles, but Johnson said, “Also something big, something big, something for one fan to forget. I wanted to do something I couldn’t do. “

“The story of Oscar impressed me,” said Johnson, who said the “proud and humble” veteran “takes care of his 75-year-old mom,” and is a “personal trainer” and “his. “Church leaders” and “women who were victims of domestic violence.”

“What the hell is going on!” Said emotional Rodriguez after revealing.

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Mariah Carey

The “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer may already be ready for Christmas, but she hasn’t skipped Thanksgiving dinner.carry Tweet She began to cook “anointed vegetables” brightly early on Thursday.

When fans asked for the location of macaroni and cheese, Carrie assured everyone that the classic supper preparation was “what’s happening tonight.”

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Jennifer Hudson

Hudson wanted everyone to have a happy Thanksgiving and what she was most good at, singing. While her family is preparing for a vacation, “American Idol” Alum directs her and Angela Bassett’s song “He Loves Me” from the 2013 movie “Black Nature”. I sang.

“We are preparing for Thanksgiving. I just stop and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving,” Hudson said. twitter Thursday video. She added, “I am very grateful for his grace and mercy! What are you grateful for ??”

Martha Stewart, Dolly Parton, Share More Thanksgiving Celebration

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