Lori Loughlin’s Return is discussed by the creator of “When Calls the Heart” and Erin Krakow.


Now that fans know Lori Loughlin will be returning to the “When Calls the Heart” universe as part of the spinoff “When Hope Calls,” fans are starting to share their reactions. GAC Family will air the show instead of Hallmark, and Loughlin will reprise her role as Abigail for the first two episodes. Brian Bird, the co-creator of both series, expressed his feelings about her return, and Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth, posted a message in celebration of the news.

Bird Discussed Justice & Mercy

Bird wrote on Facebook: ” Justice and mercy are two sides of the same coin known as grace. So, this is what happened today. ”

In response to a fan’s question, Bird clarified his feelings on Facebook, writing: “Nothing neutral about my comment and zero reservations..” I’m a grace person. I’m completely committed. When a fan asked if she ever apologized for what happened, Bird replied, “You did miss it..” She issued a heartfelt mea culpa on the day she received her sentence. When a fan said it was a big risk for Hallmark, Bird clarified that Loughlin will be on the GAC Family network, not Hallmark. “Well, it’s not on Hallmark, so take a second look at the article,” he wrote, “but based on the comments of a large majority of people, there is a tone of forgiveness and second chances I have seen all day.” Personally, I don’t want to live in a world where people’s mistakes define them for the rest of their lives. ”

When a fan said Loughlin had lost her respect and that she wouldn’t watch anything she did with her, Bird emphasized the importance of grace and forgiveness. “I’m sorry you’re feeling that way,” he wrote, “and I hope you can find some other content that feeds your soul like WCTH and WHC do for millions of people.” We need more grace and forgiveness in the world, or we’re all going to be in big trouble. On Facebook, one fan wrote: “Please bring her back to When Calls the Heart as well..”

She belongs with Henry and at Abigail’s Cafe. ”

“Amen..” wrote another fan. At some point in our lives, we all require grace and mercy. She is such an important character in our favorite story universe, and I am thrilled to see her return. I can’t wait!!! ”

Rhys Johnson wrote, “Lori was always such a pleasure to work with… I remember working with her on When Calls The Heart and one or two of her murder mysteries, so please send her my best wishes. ”

According to Hallmark, there are no plans to bring Loughlin back to the network. Read what Hallmark had to say in Heavy’s story.

Erin Krakow Shared a Happy Photo with Loughlin

Erin Krakow Shared a Happy Photo with Loughlin

Erin Krakow shared a happy photo with Loughlin. She’s made it clear that she wants Loughlin to return to “When Calls the Heart.” While that isn’t going to happen, Loughlin is set to star in the spin-off series.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Erin Krakow (@erinkrakow)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Erin Krakow (@erinkrakow)

Loughlin simply wrote: “.. “Yay yay yay!!!!!!!” said Candace Cameron Bure,

. ”

Danica McKellar and Holly Robinson Peete both responded with their own set of heart emojis.

Based on the synopsis for the first two episodes, there’s a good chance someone from Hope Valley will make an appearance with Loughlin. You can read more about it in Heavy’s story.

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