London’s latest online grocery delivery app lovingly comes from Russia.

Yango Deli staff will drive an electric moped on October 6, 2021 before opening a new store in London, England. Photo taken on October 6, 2021. REUTERS / John Sibley

October 14, 2021

Ben Makori

London (Reuters) – Russia’s largest internet company dispatched a yellow-shirted moped to deliver groceries throughout London on Thursday.

Operated by Russian tech giant Yandex, Yango Deli will open four “dark stores” in London. This is a shop that closes to customers and workers prepare orders for delivery, targeting 1.4 million potential customers.

A fleet of bright yellow mopeds and bicycles was parked outdoors for courier in one of the new stores in the arch under the brick railroad viaduct in Battersea, South London.

Listed on Nasdaq, Yandex is Russia’s most popular and independent internet search engine and the largest ride-hailing service provider. “Russian Google” is not well known outside the domestic market, but the experience of delivering groceries from about 400 dark stores in the country and new Israeli and French ventures says it brings technical benefits. ..

Evgeny Chernikov, General Manager of Yango Deli UK, said: “(We) have a large bank of technicians, which means we can do many things, much better and much larger than others.”

Food delivery services were launched in Paris and Israel last August. But London is particularly competitive. Yango courier companies have to compete for road space with other newcomer courier companies such as Weezy, Getir, Dija and Gorillas, not to mention Uber, Amazon and traditional grocery vans.

According to Chernikov, the Russian formula will need some tweaking in Britain. Hiring workers is more expensive, but UK customers tend to spend more money.

“That is, it’s all about adjusting your business model to the economics.”

(Report by Ben Makori, Written by Alexander Marrow, Edited by Peter Graff)

London’s latest online grocery delivery app lovingly comes from Russia

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