Jessica Campbell from “Election”: US actress dies at the age of 38


In the 1990s, Jessica Campbell starred in several films and series before retiring from the business. Now the US-American has died at the age of only 38. Former colleagues such as Reese Witherspoon and Matthew Broderick remember.

Jessica Campbell became known, among other things, as Tammy Metzler in the high school comedy “Election”, in which she played alongside Reese Witherspoon. Campbell also starred in series such as “Freaks and Geeks” before retiring from Hollywood in 2002. Now it is known that the former actress died completely unexpectedly at the end of December at the age of only 38.

As the U.S. celebrity portal “TMZ” reports, citing her cousin Sarah Wessling, Campbell returned from a normal day’s work at her naturopathic practice on December 29 and went to visit her mother and aunt. There, according to Wessling, she went into the bathroom – and didn’t come out. When her aunt went to check on her, she found her lying on the floor, she said. Immediate resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful, and even the paramedics who were called in were unable to help Campbell.

Autopsy to determine cause of death
Jessica Campbell’s cause of death is still unclear. The autopsy, which has already been performed but whose results are still pending, is to clarify. According to her relatives, Campbell is said to have complained of overwork in the days before her death and felt like she was getting a cold. According to “TMZ,” Campbell has already been cremated.

Now Reese Witherspoon is mourning the loss of her one-time colleague on social media. “This news breaks my heart. Working with Jessica on ‘Election’ was such a pleasure. Sending all my love to Jessica’s family and loved ones,” she wrote on Twitter.

Campbell also appeared on camera with Matthew Broderick for “Election” in 1999. The 58-year-old recalled his colleague in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter: “She was very sweet and an extremely good actress.” Terrible news. My deepest sympathies go out to her son and the rest of her family.”


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