Insider reveals: Spat between William and Harry at Philip’s funeral


Since the “Megxit,” the royals have been in a freezing mood. Above all, Harry, his brother William and their father Charles simply can’t get along. When Prince Philips died, it came to the first meeting at his funeral service. At that time, the two brothers were even separated from their cousin during the funeral march so that the situation would not escalate.

After the funeral service, it seemed as if William and Harry were getting closer: they talked to each other and the whole world celebrated Kate as the great peacemaker. But as has now become known, not only conciliatory tones are said to have been struck. An insider tells the Daily Mail that William and Harry quarreled at Prince Philip’s funeral.

William and Harry quarreled at Philip’s funeral

Royal insider Robert Lacey reports that it was mainly behind the cameras that things are said to have clashed: “The argument broke out within minutes of the siblings getting into the castle and away from the cameras.” He is said to have been told of this scene by a family friend.

“They started fighting again. They were at each other’s throats like the worst days,” the royal family friend told him. Lacey is sure that the quarrel escalated due to the bullying allegations against Duchess Meghan. And he is sure that a reconciliation is far from being in sight. “The anger and resentment of the two runs incredibly deep,” Lacey continued.

In addition, William is said to have talked himself downright into a rage after his grandfather’s funeral when it came to his sister-in-law

But the brothers must meet again on July 1 at the latest – on the birthday of their late mother Diana. Here, a statue will be dedicated in her honor and both Harry and William have both agreed to attend the ceremony.

Harry already in London

Prince Harry is said to have already arrived in London a few days ago. Whether he will meet his brother beforehand for a “crisis summit” is unclear. What is certain is that the two will meet again on July 1 at the latest, and in the closest circle of the family.

As Kensington Palace published on Twitter, only the closest circle of the family will be present at the celebration in Diana’s honor – so there won’t be much room to get out of each other’s way.



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