Ingraham: Biden’s idea “makes life difficult for the average American”.


Fox News host Laura Ingraham aimed at the Biden administration’s role in record inflation and supply chain shortages in a confession at the beginning of Wednesday night’s The Ingraham Angle.

The year-on-year rate of increase in prices in September was the highest since January 1991. Gasoline prices have risen 42%. Steak prices have risen 22% and egg prices have risen almost 13%. Used car prices have risen 24%. And heating costs are projected to rise 54% this winter.

“When [the Biden administration’s]The answer is to raise prices even further by doubling climate change programs and government spending, “Ingraham said.

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Biden said the $ 3.5 trillion infrastructure bill will help trucking, air freight and maritime companies reduce carbon dioxide emissions. While China is burning coal, Ingraham said such companies “make fat contracts” to produce unwanted green products.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the Biden administration “cannot guarantee” the on-time arrival of holiday packages, given the widespread supply chain turmoil.

“The grinch has nothing to do with these people,” Ingraham said. “In fact, the Biden administration has destroyed our economy, and now they are planning to inject trillions of spending to make things worse,” she added.

Despite record high tax revenues last year, Ingraham said the federal government still wants a tax increase “because monsters must always be fed.” But it can’t stop supply chain shortages and bleeding from inflation, she said.

Even CNN reporter John King agreed that only one in four Americans believe the infrastructure bill would improve their daily lives. About one-third of Americans think it’s “worse,” and 43% think it’s “almost the same” if the bill is passed.

Rather, higher taxes and a $ 3.5 trillion infrastructure bill “make life for the average American difficult,” Ingraham said. With amazing inflation, federal spending is in the trillions of dollars. Such exorbitant spending is feasible only after inflation has been “controlled”, Ingraham said. Otherwise, “we’ll be off the cliff right away,” she warned.

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“Biden and Democrats will steal their children’s future from them. They’re spinning around the gifts, like a midnight grinch, looking at everything,” Ingraham predicted. “And unlike cartoons, Biden does not see the stupidity of his way or change his mind.”

Ingraham: Biden’s idea “makes life difficult for the average American”

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