I simply thought that Drew Magari Hospital was serving beer.


You wrote aboutStop drinking.. Did you have to pay more attention to your health in other ways after this horrifying thing happened?

Apart from alcohol? No, I don’t think so. I got more rest than before, but I think it was because the battery was a little drained in the accident. So I take a nap every day now, but I didn’t do that before. But that’s not what I like, oh, I took a nap because of my brain. Just take a nap.

I try to make sure I’m mentally stimulated. After that, I picked up Sudoku. Then I got better at it and started playing a lot of puzzle games. It has proven to be good for brain health.

But alcohol is no longer part of your diet.

not anymore. I talk about this in the book, but I couldn’t classify the cause of the bleeding or fall, or whether one caused the other. There is no conclusive evidence that alcohol caused it, especially since my blood alcohol levels were not particularly high that night.

But then I could wake up, get out of the coma and experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but all the coma medications they gave me were also completely high and smuggled beer to people. I was asking. I thought there was a bar in the hospital. Is there a hospital with a fucking bar? But I kept asking people to go to the gift shop and bring 6 packs from the hospital lobby.

A few months after my recovery, I was blessed by a doctor that I could drink moderately, but I knew I couldn’t. I got to this point without drinking alcohol, but it was still possible that it was the cause of the accident. So I just stopped.

As you didWritten forGQYou’re not 100% calm, right?

Green and sober. I think it’s working fine. It’s okay, well, instead of addicting your body with alcohol for years, years, years, you can just be green, sober, and unrestrained, but an absolute mood I’m not going to wake up with shit the next morning.

Covered breakfast. What do you usually eat for lunch?

If there are no bagels or toads in the holes, that’s what you need for lunch. But I also got a Burrata kick. I thought Burrata was only found on the menus of fine restaurants, but I went around Gian’s supermarket and sold it in a deli case. It’s like $ 8 and one tub makes two lunches. That’s a $ 4 lunch. It’s not bad to feel like flashy pants.

It used to be more gorgeous at lunch. I used to make breakfast tacos with eggs and feta cheese, add gochujang, soak vermicelli in kale, and make ramen. Although it is unpackaged ramen, we use a small canister of pork bouillon and shrimp paste to make ramen soup and use delicious H Mart ramen. But I want to take a nap, so I don’t do that anymore.

But you really like food.

I was an overweight kid because I like to eat food, and that’s still true today. I always think and talk about food. I think I got it from my grandma. Grandma always talks about when she ate and what she was trying to eat, and she always does the same for her wife. She looks like this: You have to talk about something else, not what you eat for dinner. But that’s most of my day. If you’re eating beef burgundy for dinner, that’s most of my heart. It’s my reward for the hardships of the day.

I simply thought that Drew Magari Hospital was serving beer

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