How ‘Star Trek’ Came Perilously Close to Killing William T. Riker


Several episodes of ” Star Trek ” have featured a main character who is confronted by a twin version of himself. These situations are known as ” Mirror Match ” or ” Doppelgänger ” stories, according to the website TV Tropes. These episodes are exciting, and they can sometimes save money for the show because they don’t require a guest star. Not long ago, we compiled a list of the best “Mirror Match” episodes for

It turns out that “Star Trek: The Next Generation” writers were planning to use their “double Riker” episode to drastically alter the series behind the scenes. René Echevarria wrote the episode ” Second Chances ,” which aired in the sixth year of TNG’s run and was based on a story by Michael Medlock. Geordi La Forge — LeVar Burton directed the episode itself. ‘Second Chances’

The story revolved around a transporter accident that resulted in a duplication of William Riker (Jonathan Frakes) eight years before the story began. This error, caused by planetary interference and radiation, resulted in the birth of a second Riker, who spent the entire time alone on the planet.

Meanwhile, William Riker was promoted to commander and joined Picard’s Enterprise crew. Because he was not assigned to a Starfleet ship or detail, the other Riker, whom everyone eventually referred to as ‘Thomas,’ remained at the rank of lieutenant.

‘The Prestige’

‘The Prestige’

‘The Prestige’

‘The Prestige’ ‘The Prestige’ ‘The Prestige’ ‘The Prestige’ $00 In 1993, the show “Second Chances” premiered. Magicians in “The Prestige” use a transporter-like technology to create spellbinding tricks that the audience is unable to comprehend. In 2006, director Christopher Nolan, who is best known for his “Dark Knight” trilogy, released a film based on the book.

The film detailed how, like Thomas Riker, for every magician who vanished, a second or copy was created. He was created as a result of a transporter failure. The magicians, on the other hand, decided that these copies couldn’t live and drowned them right away. A Dead Riker?

Tensions between the two Rikers rose as Lt. Riker did not like being told what to do by Cmdr.

Riker, as well as Cmdr. Lt. Riker’s attempts at romance with Counselor Troi (Marina Sirtis) were not well received by Riker.

According to Jeri Taylor , this provided the writers with something new to think about. Taylor worked as a writer/producer on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Deep Space Nine,” and later co-created “Star Trek: Voyager.” ” She spoke with Mark A. Altman and Ed Gross for their book, ” The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years

“Another even more audacious idea was the discussion of killing Commander Riker in ‘Second Chances,’ an episode in which the Enterprise discovers a doppelgänger of Riker, Thomas Riker, created in a transporter malfunction on an Away Team mission nearly a decade earlier,” Taylor told Gross and Altman .

A move like this would have undoubtedly shocked the Trek audience. Cmdr. René Echevarria was supposed to be replaced, according to René Echevarria. Lt. Riker with Riker. Because Thomas Riker was only a lieutenant, this change would have reverberated throughout the Enterprise crew, and Mr. Data (Brent Spiner) would have been the new “Number One” for Picard (Patrick Stewart). The giant oily blob that ended Tasha Yar’s life (Denise Crosby) in the Season 1 episode ” Skin of Evil .. “We wanted to kill Riker and replace him with Tom Riker,” Echevarria told Gross and Altman . “No one could convince us otherwise, but Michael [Piller] $00 I could see he was right as I went on to run other shows and sat in that chair, and sometimes you just have to say no. ”

After the death of Gene Roddenberry , the boss of all “Star Trek” was Rick Berman . This idea did not excite him, and he ultimately decided against it. “Once I started leaning toward yes,” Berman told Gross and Altman , “we started looking at what that would do and how it would fit into the movies and how it would fit into a lot of different relationships.” “Essentially, you’re putting a character on the ship who hasn’t experienced anything in the last six years and doesn’t know any of the characters.”

What impact would it have on the movie and other factors? I was left with a strong feeling. I didn’t want to kill Riker, and neither Michael nor Jeri expressed any strong feelings about it. ”

Lost Love and The Future

Both Rikers would live on, and Thomas would join the Maquis and appear as a villain in an episode of “Deep Space Nine.” Marina Sirtis expressed disappointment at the end of Thomas’ time on the Enterprise.

“I preferred Thomas Riker,” Sirtis told the magazine “Star Trek: Communicator.” “I thought he was more attractive than Will..” READ NEXT: Why William Shatner Was Wrong About ‘Star Wars’

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