House Republican Re-Election Commission has raised more than $ 100 million so far this year.


The Republican House of Representatives re-election department said it had raised $ 12.2 million in funding last month with the aim of reclaiming a majority of the House of Representatives in the interim period of 2022. It advertises this as a record of a non-election year.

The National Republican Parliamentary Commission (NRCC) also reported earlier Thursday that it brought $ 25.8 million in funding in the third quarter of July-September. The Commission then emphasized that it had raised $ 105 million between the beginning of this year and the end of September. This is a 74% “significant” increase in the first nine months of 2019, which is comparable to the last period. Election cycle.

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The NRCC’s funding was first shared with Fox News and a few other media outlets, with the Commission’s cash of $ 65 million as of October 1. That’s almost three times the amount at this point in the 2020 election cycle.

“Voters are ready to dismiss Nancy Pelosi and hold the failed Biden administration accountable,” said NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer. Republicans in Minnesota are especially grateful to leaders Kevin McCarthy, Whip Steve Scalise, the Republicans, and the tens of thousands of generous donors who have made these record-breaking sums possible. “.

“House Democrats are sprinting towards the exit, knowing that the majority of the days are counted, and look forward to maintaining pressure,” he accused.

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According to the NRCC, third-quarter funding increased by $ 10 million from what came in the equivalent third-quarter from the previous election cycle. However, the funding raised in the last three months has fallen from the $ 45.4 million funding recorded by the Commission in the second quarter of April-June funding.

The NRCC also said that McCarthy had sent $ 19.4 million to the NRCC so far this year, House Minority Whip Steve Scallis had sent $ 10.3 million, and House Republican Conference Chairman Elise Stefanik had sent $ 1.2 million. I also put the spotlight on.

The rival Democratic Congressional Campaign for Elections (DCCC) has not yet released third-quarter figures. DCCC brought about $ 36.5 million in the second quarter. And they reported last month that they entered the market debt-free in September with $ 53.3 million in funding.

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After eight years of domination of the House of Representatives, Republicans lost a majority in the 2018 midterm elections in the wave of Democrats in the House of Representatives.

However, while the Republicans lost the majority of the White House and the Senate in the 2020 contest, the battle for the House of Representatives, contrary to expectations, drastically consumed the majority of the Democrats in the November elections. Republicans will only need a net increase of five seats in the middle of next year to regain control of the Chamber of Commerce.

House Republican Re-Election Commission has raised more than $ 100 million so far this year

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