Holiday shopping season after Thanksgiving.


“I was scared last year so I shopped online. Today, people are excited to go to the store,” said market research consultant Lisa Miller.

Dallas — Following the 2020 pandemic year, retailers will enter this holiday season with new optimism.

The National Retail Federation forecasts a record season with 2 million more shoppers than last year. But experts say 2021 will still track pre-pandemic levels.

Large stores like Best Buy and Walmart choose to close Thanksgiving and expect early and long Fridays to start the holiday season.

Lisa Miller of Market Research Consultant Lisa Miller and Associates said:

On Thursday, there was already a long line at the GameStop store in northern Texas.

A customer waiting in line at GameStop in Dallas said, “I had to go to the crib and get some blankets and so on. I’ll be here from 6:30 am.”

At GameStop’s location in Dallas, more than 20 people were waiting at the front door in hopes of buying either the latest Xbox Series S or PlayStation 5 consoles.

“I waited for this bad boy for 20 hours … a man for 20 hours!” Said a delighted customer who went out with a brand new console. “I brought him breakfast and hot chocolate,” said the customer’s mother towing and walking.

Retailers are already dealing with shortages of workers and products, so get used to the limited supply this season.

Dozens of people at Dallas GameStop were hardcore fans who bravely tried to confront the cold while missing out on Thursday night’s Cowboys game.

“I’m focused on the console. I’m focused on the console. I’m not worried about the game so far,” another customer said.

There is nothing like the shopping fever that occurs before and after Black Friday.

Holiday shopping season after Thanksgiving

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